The new Insights tool from Twitter shows the best time to post tweets


Promotion of business in social networks is an important component of the whole strategy of promotion in the network.

For SMM agencies, it will be great news to find out that Twitter has launched a new analysis tool that determines the best day and time for tweeting depending on user engagement.

According to the company, it took months to create the Timing is Everything tool (Timing is all), and this is part of serious steps to provide users with the most relevant and timely information.

Timing focuses specifically on video tweets. It displays history data showing when people on Twitter are watching and using videos.

The data provided by Timing indicate the best time for Tweet video content to maximize the number of viewers involved and increase commenting.

The tool does not show when specific subscribers watch a video, but indicates the most popular time among all subscribers.

After determining the most appropriate time for publishing content, tweets can be scheduled directly from the Insights page.

With that said, Twitter still advises users to publish content throughout the day, regardless of what the data says.

“We encourage publishers to continue posting throughout the day to maximize coverage; Nevertheless, consider the possibility of including publication at the most attractive time of the day and week as part of this strategy. ”

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Users can get started with Timing is Everything by doing the following:

• Go to the Analytics drop-down menu in Media Studio and select Insights.

• View the graph to see when users are online and interacting with content.

• Experiment with tweets, or scheduled tweets, during the day with the most activity.


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