SMM guru. Rules SMM from Ilon Mask


SMM promotion for any business requires first of all communications, and not just a presentation of ourselves. But the audience on the communication should be something to push. Today there are a lot of “classic” ways to interest the audience in social networks - contests, polls, tips, etc., but Ilon Musk has distinguished himself here too!

So, the rules of SMM from Ilona Mask!

1. Surprise

This summer, inventor Ilon Mask confessed his love for the Korean group Loona. For reference, the singers are groups singing in the style of K-pop and look like this:


Fans of the group immediately raised around the hype. The fact is that the girls of the group declared that they are against capitalism and a high-tech future, about which Ilon Musk is raving. Such a discrepancy was very surprised by the fans of the group and the fans of Ilona Musk.

Mask himself was probably only amused, because this declaration of love was based on the fact that his girlfriend, the singer Grimes, sang an English back-vocal for the Loona group.

2. Impress

Any achievement of your company must be properly presented. Yes, you are not launching rockets into space and you are not creating electric cars, but you can tell about your innovation or success with the help of a thoughtful announcement or headline so that users will be more interested in this news, with something. That Ilon Musk wants to "hit California" with the stage of his rocket.

3. Intrigue

Ilona Mask succeeds! So, in his Twitter account, he posted the following statement:

“Tomorrow's day will bring a lemur”


Fans began to guess and speculate. This post has collected many thousands of likes and comments, in which people offered their versions of decryption of the message.

4. Humor and ironic

Humor is perhaps the most sought-after intellectual product of our time. Of course, generating humor is not an easy task, but it must be present in your social media.

Ilon Mask even conducted a survey on his twitter on the subject of irony and humor. The survey itself also had some funny answers.

“Do you want irony on social networks?”

1. No, I already have it.

2. I am Brian, and my wife too.

3. No one “expects” irony.

4. Michael Jackson.

5. Call for action

Banal competitions for the best picture are not always interesting, even if there is a prize. But if you are offered to throw off the darkest memes, as Ilon did, then the excitement is guaranteed in this matter.

Fans of Mask showered him with memes, where the hero was Mask himself. Black humor was so black that the inventor, unable to bear it, wrote: “I asked for black, not blackening!”.

6. We can do it. Show that you can

Your ambitions and plans can be part of social networking content. Speak them, and then show the embodiment in reality. It is inspiring!

7. Laugh at Trends

You are the trend! The rest is rubbish. Prove it, and if anyone is against - argue. Let the comments under the post will be endless. All this will only lead to your popularity. Yes, this is the so-called black PR, but it is harmless in moderation.

For example, the well-known businessman Ilon Musk deliberately or unintentionally created a fuss around the computer game for teenagers Fotrnite, thereby attracting the attention of this part of the audience. Musk supported the fake news that he was buying this game and added it to the fact that he was going to delete the game after the purchase in order to “save the players from eternal virginity”.

Gamers appreciated and supported the joke. One of them even entered into an unequal battle by writing a Mask about his virginity, and received an adequate response.


8. Stay close to people.

Do not hide behind your brand! Show yourself how the person who founded it, how he came to this, what difficulties he faced, tell us about your daily life. Little secrets of personal life are always interesting, even if you share your grandmother's favorite recipe.

In a word, be yourself! And we will help with the content plan for social networks.

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