How to measure the effectiveness of SMM-marketer? Waving myths about the cost of leads and the growth of subscribers

How to choose smm-marketer

If you have ever been looking for an SMM marketer for your business, you probably have come across such resumes:

“Case: promoted a beauty salon. Increased the number of subscribers from 16 people to 5,000. The cost of a lead is 1.5 rubles. Screenshots attached.

“I will bring new clients for ruble per person”

"I will give 20,000 new subscribers."

So, let's see why all this is a paper certificate, which is not related to the SMM promotion in the full sense of the word.

Lead cost

Of course, you can call it - if we are talking about targeted advertising. But: not everyone who clicks on your ad is a buyer. And not every buyer is the one who clicked on your ad.

Promotion on Instagram is a complex work. Tracking exactly where sales are going is unreal. This can be the result of a good target, high-quality content, competition, give away. This may be word of mouth. For example, a certain N clicked on your ad, looked, but did not buy anything and did not subscribe. And then her friend M needed your products, N remembered your profile and advised. N went into profile, I realized that it was you who was looking for you for so long and made a purchase.

Has she come from Instagram? Indirectly, yes. Is it possible to estimate its value as a lead? Hardly.

Therefore, when the marketer says: I will bring you new customers, the cost is 48 kopecks per lead - this can be both true and deception. And perhaps, with this SMM, the actual cost of the lead will be even cheaper - if he understands your business, gets into the audience and successfully selects a blogger for advertising. But neither he nor you will know for sure the exact figure.

So how to measure efficiency?

Before answering this question, let's see what is the goal of social media promotion?

As part of the huge competition in all areas and the surplus of everything and everything, SMM promotion is no longer just a means for sales. This means to create a brand. Have them talk about your name or company name. Without a brand, almost nothing can be sold now.

The person will not subscribe to the store goods, which at the moment they do not need. But will sign if the profile is interesting, useful and visually attractive. And when he, or his friends, need knitted booties or coffee beans - he immediately remembers you.

Therefore, dry numbers - the number of clicks and the cost of leads - this is not an indicator. People can click on the ad, because they see the delicious inscription "70% discount." They can even sign up if this is a draw condition in which they can win a pizza. But when they enter a profile or group, they will not see anything interesting - they will not remember you and will not advise you to friends.


Evaluate the SMM box for content quality. On the approach to work. By activity in the profiles that he leads. According to his sense of taste. By understanding the scope. By "connection" between you. Sometimes it happens that an SMM may be experienced, but it does not feel you or your business at all. And if he rant about the cost of a click, the number of subscribers (which, by the way, can be stranded, read more in this article) - then look for another person. Which promises nothing and does not pour dry terms. Who just wants your brand to be the best and most recognizable in your city.

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