Promotion in social networks

We promote goods, services and people in social networks

We follow the trends. We do not use the "gray" methods of promotion and know exactly how to promote a page in any social network

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Why do the customer choose us?

Quality content for social networksIt will not be boring

"Good morning, friends, how's the mood?" - such content for Instagram you could write yourself. You pay us for lively, interesting, witty texts, for the sake of which your target audience will go to your profile every day

Real subscribersWe say: "No bots!"

We do not cheat subscribers. Never. Don't even petition us about it. 23k bots will not buy anything from you. But 2000-3000 of real peopel who read you with pleasure are your potential customers

Social Media promotion toolsWill be only sales

We will connect all possible tools to your publications go to the tops, and the profile caused one desire - to buy

Get a toll-free consultation

Our specialist will go to call you and will consult about the service

What do we do?

Development of a marketing strategy for the promotion of social networksMarketing strategy development

We will individually choose the most effective promotion tools for you. We do not make work by template but create a unique strategy for each client

Social Media CopywritingCreation of explosive content

SMM marketing - whether it's a promotion on Instagram or promotion of VK and FB groups - this is, first of all, good content. We are immersed in the scope of your business and give the audience what it cannot find from your competitors

Creation of social network designCreation of social network design

When a user enters a profile, you have only a few seconds to force him to subscribe or lose him forever. For the first option, just order the design from us. We will create for you the template Instagram and other social networks, which will become your business card

Setting up targeted advertising in social networkTargeted advertising

Targeted advertising on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram is a quick and effective way to scale the audience and increase sales

Advertising have bloggersAdvertising in blogs and public places

We cooperate with popular bloggers and own a public base with the most active audience, which we regularly update

Promotion of personal brandPromotion of personal brand

People trust to the experts of their sphere. We will teach you how to keep a personal blog and how to sell your knowledge.

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