Website development. Web designers recommend. Part 5


We continue to write about how to improve the site so that your customers and search engines will love it. The best web designers of the world left their tips for the readers of Infuscination Futureinapps here.

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Make sure your content is structured

Varun Kumar, Founder, Pashmina.com

There is one thing that plays the most important role in site optimization, and which is often not taken into account or is not properly used, is content. Content is the heart of the website - you need to have clear, detailed and structured content throughout the site. If a client, getting to the home page, scrolls down and reads the material, and maybe copies the main theses from the headlines and quotes, then this naturally and naturally creates credibility, trust and interest in your brand. People say that graphics speak for themselves, but graphics without the right words is a body without a soul.

Make your website interactive by adding a chat feature

Jillian Elao, Review Editor, Fit Small Business

Consumers value user experience more than ever, so the best way to deliver what your target online market wants is to add chat functionality to your website. Chat allows you to provide real-time support to site visitors, and its “bot” feature supports your clients during off-hours.

Correctly place target keywords on the page

Stephen Hockman, President and Founder, TrustyJoe.com

My website optimization tip is to use the target keyword in the first 100 words of your message. Studies have shown that this little life hacking can help improve your ranking, as it gives search engines a clearer signal about what your page is about. If the key word is not mentioned before the end of this post, which you are currently reading, then the search engines may not know what you are trying to get a rating for.

Keep a blog without trying to sell

Eileen Saldana, PR and Digital Marketing Specialist, XO Creatives

Including a blog on a website can significantly increase SEO, but the trick is not to write about your product or try to sell it through a blog. For example, if you are a company that sells training equipment and whose target audience is mommies, you should think about what they are looking for on the Internet. Your blog may include: quick workouts for busy moms, how to involve your children in workouts, how to put the whole family in order. Having a blog is also useful for communicating with an existing customer base, maintaining relationships and forming new ones.

When I was engaged in marketing for the company Dancewear Company, which had young girls in Central Asia (for the dance studio), we turned to existing clients and new clients to interview them about their impressions about the dancers of the studio. All of them were very happy to take part in the conversation, and this prompted them to remain as loyal customers or make a purchase of the subscriber. Get creative with your blog.

Add meta descriptions to increase organic traffic

Scott Perry, PMP Certified Project Manager and Sports Blogger, Catchers Home

I think that one of the most important things that website owners can do for existing websites, especially with regard to SEO, is to ensure that there are optimized, by keywords, meta descriptions for each post and page you are on. want to attract visitors. This can be a useful method for attracting organic traffic through search engines such as Google and Bing. I use a plugin called Yoast SEO, which allows me to add and customize meta descriptions for all my pages and posts. I make my meta descriptions attractive but, at the same time, informative and (hopefully) leaving the desire to learn more.

This is a simple step that anyone (not even a technical specialist) can do; he will definitely produce results!

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