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Website development. Web designers recommend ... Part 1.

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In order for your site to become popular and easily ranked by search engines, it is necessary to constantly improve its development. This is a well-thought-out site structure, the presence of the necessary banners and, of course, a unique selling proposition (UTP) - all these are recommendations of the best web developers below.

Social network icons

Nick Davane, CEO and Creative Director, N.Davaine Studio

When developing a website for small businesses, people often forget about using social networking icons! I know that the concept of icons on the site is to bring traffic to the profile on social networks. Did you know that there is a completely opposite approach, which should use a small business. Social networks are needed to drive traffic to your site. Facebook already has enough traffic - no need to help it! Move these icons down to your site or place them in an inconspicuous place. Business owners pay thousands of dollars for their website — don't waste your money to help Twitter.

Include a link to your blog in the main navigation menu

Patti Podnar, Owner, Podnar Content Marketing

Do not hide your blog. Once I wrote blog posts for a famous retailer. The blog has never gained momentum. The reason seemed obvious to me: the only link to the blog was written in small print and placed in an inconspicuous place. No one would ever have found this blog if it had not specifically looked for.

Conclusion: include a link to your blog in the main navigation menu. If you think you should not include it, then you probably should not have a blog at all.

Add click tracking function

Ellen Perelman, Vice President of Marketing, GoodHire

My advice on improving and optimizing a site is to add click tracking. Tools such as Crazy Egg, allow you to see how your website visitors interact with content and pages. After seeing the data on where the site visitors are most often located, you can use them to make adjustments and design changes. I would also add an A / B testing tool such as Optimizely. After receiving information from Crazy Egg, you can check the changes with A / B testing to determine if they have a positive effect on your conversion.

Turn on the “Media about Us” banner to inspire the trust of visitors

Jonas Sickler, reputation strategy consultant, Reputationmanagement.com

Customers try to spend less time choosing, so when they find your site, you will have only a few seconds to gain their trust.

Here's how:

If they talk about your business in the press, place on your homepage a “Media about us” banner with logos of all media. Familiar media logos are boosting. You can go one step further by creating a press page with quotes, fragments of articles, a press kit (the same pictures of speakers or company logos), an email address or a phone number.

Simplify the look and content of your site

Jorge Sheffi, Chief Designer, Your Local Online Business

One of the most important things you can do for any business site is to simplify the content so that your message (UTP) is clear and understandable. A visitor, looking at your site, should understand in less than three seconds what your business is about. If you cannot create a UTP perceived by a person in less than three seconds, your website will not be effective. In addition to a clear UTP, a visitor must immediately understand what he should do on this site — call, fill out a form, order a product, etc.

Being in any place of your site, you should put yourself in the visitor's place and ask: is this page understandable and is it easy to achieve the goal of the site from this place?

To be continued…

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