Website development. Web designers recommend ... Part 1.


The website of your business should be constantly improved and constantly developed in order to increase its value among your customers. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to redo it. Sometimes all that is required is a small adjustment in order to better optimize it for the convenience of users.

Ideas for your site from professionals:

Apply for the perfect domain

Mark Prosser, Co-Founder, Fit Small Business

Every day more than 10 million unique domain names are registered on the Internet. You need to be sure that you find the best domain for your business before someone else does it.

Update your website to support voice search.

Aaron Norris, Vice President, The Norris Group

Prepare your site for the era of artificial intelligence (Siri, Alexa, Cortana, M and Watson). Decide whether he should offer content to the consumer with voice. Do this by observing the site’s safety techniques — simplify the page hierarchy, use fewer words and more pictures, install everything you need for security and, of course, make the site adaptable to mobile devices. And do not forget about social networks!

Turn on professional-quality video to increase conversions

Mark Asselstein, Founder, Uncorked Enterprises

Some time ago I put professional-quality video on my website, and it literally tripled the conversion rate overnight. Plus, if people spend even thirty seconds watching video content, then the probability of buying from the site increases. It is like magic!

"Social proof" to attract new customers

Ben Johnson, Content Marketing Strategist, Proof

"Social evidence" has influenced human behavior throughout history. This is a psychological concept that other people influence our behavior - for example, a new purchase of your friend makes you want to buy the same item, you don’t want to be alone at a party, etc.

Now that new software is available, you can use this psychological linkage and create a FOMO — displaying the latest conversions, actions and behavior on the site. This way you can increase the conversion rate on your pages. This is an unobtrusive way to encourage visitors to take action on your site, and it builds confidence.

Turn on micro-animations.

Camila Garcia Castillo, Designer, TINYpulse

Website development is always a challenge. You need to not only provide the best user experience, but also make it as easy as possible. Enabling micro-animations will definitely help to achieve this. They are extremely useful for visual feedback from users and, if used correctly, can leave a good impression on visitors, which leads to a purchase. However, remember that they can also become repulsive elements if not used wisely.

Increase the speed of your site

Matt Sutherland, Director of Communications, Click & Pledge

Web designers and stakeholders often overlook the speed of the site: how long does it take to download one of your web pages? Customers are delighted when they see a lot of unusual animations and custom solutions. But they forget that all these actions are performed using the code of the website, and JavaScript usually is required to perform this action, which increases download time.

One way to improve site speed is to test some of your web pages using Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTmetrix. The services will scan your web page and determine what can be done to reduce the load time of the site. If your web site uses a lot of unnecessary animation or bloated JavaScript, disabling or deleting this code can save download time and make your site visitors more happy.

To be continued…

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