Website development. Web designers recommend. Part 4.


We continue to refer to the web designers of the world wide web, who give advice on how to improve the site development to achieve the necessary business goals.

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Rewrite or add call to action

Nathan Saunders, owner, Metropolis Marketing

The best way to optimize a site is to rewrite or add a call to action. What is a call to action? You ask the site visitor to take some action on the site - take the test, fill out the application form, subscribe to news, etc. The biggest problem is that you may not have a call-to-action button. As a result, fewer sales than you could get with the same number of visitors with a button. Another problem that I often see is that many sites have calls for action with bad text.

The button may say “Register” when it says “Details”. If you do not specifically ask the person to subscribe to the service immediately, then change the text so that he or she feels comfortable in accordance with the level of obligations that you place on yourself in the TTP. A call to action is one of the most underrated ways to optimize your site for the most important indicator - sales.

Make sure the site has a great logo and branding.

Neva Paul, editor in chief of Fit Small Business magazine

The digital space is filled with billions of websites, each of which competes for the attention of consumers. Brand is an important component. To stand out, use online branding tools such as Tailor Brands.

*** Note that no online branding will replace the creative work of the designer.

Use your e-commerce site

Christa Fabregas, Editor, Fit Small Business

There are available sites such as Amazon, Etsy and Rakuten, where you can place your products for sale. However, it is best to have your own specialized online store for your products and services, where you can provide more detailed information about your products, offer excellent customer support and an individually selected user interface that reflects the uniqueness of your brand.

Make your site ADA compliant

Carey Lindenmouth, Marketing Manager, The Kyle David Group, LLC

One of the ways in which a company can optimize / improve its existing website is to ensure its compatibility with ADA (ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act). This is necessary not only for schools and public institutions, but also recommended for business, so that the site is accessible to all users. Make sure the images have an alt heading for blind users who use a screen reader. Ensure that videos for deaf users have subtitles. Try not to use bright colors or flashing images that can harm users prone to cramps. Make sure your site is compatible with ADA, and you will discover a wider customer base, because your product and services are now available to a new audience.

Improving mobile site optimization

Sarah Desmond, Director of Operations, Page 1 Solutions, LLC

Companies in any industry should start optimizing mobile search right now. The fact that you have good rankings in search results does not mean that you will see the same results for users on smartphones and tablets. Today, Google primarily looks at the mobility of your site. He made it clear that one of the most important optimization criteria on mobile devices is site speed. If your site loads faster on mobile devices than your competitors' sites, you will increase your chances of ranking by search queries.

To be continued…

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