Website development. Web designers recommend. Part 2


We started a review of tips from web designers from around the world. How to improve your site? This will tell us today, developers, professionals!

Add a forum to your site.

Ulysis Cababan, Content Strategist, RapidVisa Philippines

I think, besides the blog, there is a place that is a good source of information and rich in keywords from where you can attract good incoming traffic. This is a forum (or bulletin board)! Forums can provide huge benefits, especially if they already have good traffic. They can also be a good source of information and keywords that will interest your target market and are related to your business.

Check your site for 404 error

David Erickson, Vice President of Internet Marketing, Karwoski & Courage

Scan the site using special services to identify any pages on the site that create user errors. Page not found (otherwise known as 404) is the most common type of error encountered by site users. This is usually the result of an existing page that has been deleted. 404 error can be a negative factor for the visibility of the site in the search.

Once you have identified 404 errors, correct them by restoring the content for that particular URL or redirecting this URL to another page on your site using 301 redirect, which is a technical implementation that automatically redirects visitors to another page, and also tells search engines where to find a new page.

Keep your site clean and simple.

Tina Rivera, Creative Director, Tina & Company

If you want your site to be unloaded and minimalistic, limit yourself to the colors and graphics associated with your brand in order to build confidence in it. Include in the content calls for action that leads to your ultimate goals. However, remember that too much content or sales messages can push your target audience.

Optimization and improvement of interaction with readers

Gavin Graham, Editor, Fit Small Business

In addition to writing interesting content, you also need to analyze how it works, and constantly adjust it to get the desired results.

Deeply delve into the analytical data of your site

Brian Bridges, Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Lumentus

I often see businessmen who do not understand how customers find their website on the Internet and what causes them to perform certain actions on it. Often, the data are not analyzed properly, and even when this is done, attention is paid only to general indicators, such as the number of page views and the bounce rate.

Every business should pay attention to how potential customers find the site. What search queries do customers use? What sites link to them?

Answers to these questions will allow you to properly customize content and improve user experience based on a better understanding of the interests and needs of your users.

To be continued...

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