How to write Facebook ads that convert


Want your Facebook ads to push people to action?

In this article, you will learn how to design and create Facebook advertising posts that convert and sell your products.

# 1: Explore the needs and preferences of customers in Facebook groups

Marketers often talk about how difficult it is to get accurate customer research data. This is because customers are usually too busy to fill out questionnaires, or simply not interested.

But Facebook groups can come to your aid. You can join the groups where your target customers hang out and ask them questions from a private person. This is a win-win option. Some community members like to speak, complain, advise and help. Therefore, when you ask them thoughtful questions, they are likely to be inclined to answer them.

Using a Facebook group, you can take a free look at the thoughts of your customers and then take what you have learned to write a catchy Facebook advertising post. Keep in mind that you need to ask questions that will help you gather information for use in your Facebook advertisements.

It is important to ask questions correctly so that you can understand what the target customers want from a product like yours. The goal is to get accurate data and use this information to compile a customer profile that truly represents your ideal customer.

For example, if you are selling a social media management tool, you want to understand your potential client’s criteria for choosing your favorite social media management software. So ask questions:

• What is your favorite social media tool?

• Why did you choose this tool among others?

Use the appropriate Facebook groups to research your customers, find what your target customers need, and write a post that describes the solution for these needs. In the end, all of these tactics will improve conversion.

# 2: Turn your research into Facebook ad text

After you have done a customer research and identified key client pain points, prioritize these pain points. Rank them from the most important to the least important.

When you compose a post on Facebook, start with the most difficult problem that you have encountered. This approach will help you write intros that will attract the attention of customers. The more “painful” the entry, the better it will attract the attention you seek from potential customers.

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# 3: Aligning Facebook ad placements with your client’s decision-making process

You may already know this, but you can expand your placements when setting up your Facebook campaign on most platforms owned by Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, Facebook and Audience Network).

Certain ad platforms can decrease or increase sales.

If your goal is to attract potential customers or drive traffic, you might think that you will get better results by placing your ads on almost all platforms owned by Facebook, but this is not so. You must choose accommodation options that will help you achieve your goals, and this is not a universal scenario.

For B2B, your goal is to drive sales. This means that you want people to see your ad at a time when they can make a purchase decision, and not when they scroll through Facebook stories in a hairdresser or doctor's office.

Ideally, your potential customers should be at their computer when they see your B2B post; it’s easier for them to make a purchasing decision. The reason for this is that in the process they often have to open several browser tabs to find more information about your business, watch a demo, or send an email to their executives to get approval. This is a typical B2B client path for many companies.

Therefore, by promoting your B2B sales ads on mobile platforms, you can simply drain the budget. This was just an example, which tells us that we should carefully approach the choice of placements on Facebook.


Writing commercial posts is not like writing blog posts. This is another medium that requires good sales skills. When your advertising post is well written, when you have mastered sales copywriting, you will convert and sell your products or services as professionals.

B2B marketers are often so addicted to the strategies, tools, and platforms that they use to attract customers that they forget that they communicate with real people, and not just with “potential customers”, “opinion leaders” or “subscribers”. It is easy to forget this simple, obvious fact.

Take the time to get to know your customers. Treat them like people. Understand that besides buying the solution you are selling, they end up looking for a dream. In your offer, let them know that you understand their problem and imagine the dream that they will find in your product.

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