4 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Marketers Make


Are you struggling to get great results from your Facebook ads? Want to know what mistakes you make that are detrimental to your campaign?

# 1: Re-optimizing Facebook Ads

Most Facebook advertisers are constantly “fiddling” with their ads, thinking that ever-changing bids, budgets, and goals are tantamount to accelerating progress. In fact, it happens that each optimization resets the rating of your ad and returns your ad to the beginning of the training phase.

This is equivalent to planting a seed and digging it up after 5 minutes to see how much it has grown.

Similarly, creating multiple ads does not necessarily give you more chances to win. If you spend your budget on dozens of advertisements, there is not a single ad with strong enough indicators that will be a clear winner.

Today, the algorithm works smarter, and the cost of traffic is much higher. Facebook also has more ad slots than we can manually optimize. Do you want Facebook to choose the combination for you based on your settings for the actual CPA and CPA? Then do the test, select the winner announcement and go!

# 2: Inaccurate targeting

One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is the so-called "lazy targeting." This leads to the fact that the wrong advertising reaches the wrong audience.

Newbie advertisers can simply click on the button and target the ads only to their subscribers, when perhaps a large number of them are no longer the target audience. Instead, it’s best to go to the Advertising Manager and improve your audience, ideally starting with a good customizable audience consisting of your existing customers, website traffic and / or people who have previously interacted with you.

If you are a slightly more advanced advertiser using the Facebook Advertising Manager, lazy targeting can take the form of inefficient use of an exclusive audience and, therefore, constantly targeting people who have already acquired what you offer.

Your advertising dollars will yield much better results with well-designed demographic targeting and multiple overlapping interests and behaviors.

However, your audience does not always have to be narrow. If you initially want to increase the awareness of potential customers, then targeting a wide audience is quite suitable.

# 3: Focusing on your product, not on your customer’s pain

The big mistake in advertising on Facebook, which we see again and again, is to create advertising that focuses on the product, not on people.

Many of the advertisements that people see on their Facebook news feeds are dedicated to promoting a product, but the problem is that the user first encounters your business. The only way to stand out is to make an announcement about the customer, not about the product you are selling. This means telling the story of your customers: emphasizing their pain, their problems and the results that they will see in your ad.

You have less than 3 seconds to attract someone’s attention and convince him to click on your ad, and the only way to do this is to talk about him, not about yourself.

# 4: Ad format - one for all devices

Your video ads must be optimized for any device.

This may sound like an easy task, but we are still surprised at the number of advertisers who do not optimize their video ads for the platform or device on which they are displayed. If you want your ads to be more likely to interest your audience in the news feed, customize your ad to fit your placements. The official list of Facebook video requirements can be found here.

What do you think? Are you making any of these mistakes?

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