SMM. How to advance the photographer? Layfak.


Services of the photographer assume close communication with the client. This service for its promotion especially needs social networks.

Why not on the site?

Yes, to have a website in which the entire palette of colors of the photographer's works and his appeal to the site's guests will be reflected - it's interesting.

But, you see, on the site, we rarely communicate with the photographer - there are no chats, but to call ... many people do not like to call, it's easier for them to write a message.

Therefore, social networks - this is an ideal platform for promoting the services of the photographer.


Let's talk about the content of the page. Yes! There's more to it than just posting your portfolio!

Good communication with the photographer is a half of a successful photo. About this you will be told at all courses for future photographers. Therefore, on the page it is important to establish this communication with future customers, so that they are imbued not only with the portfolio, but also the creator of this beauty.

What posts should be on the photographer's page?


Interactivity is an old-new trend in SMM, which will gain momentum in 2019. Interactive post - it's polls, games, tasks, tests - everything that involves the user in interacting with the post.

For the photographer's page, it will be timely to conduct a survey "Which photo is better", for example, photos of one object under different foreshortening or with different processing styles.


Posts about services should be detailed. It is better to write a longring in general, which will also be a trend in 2019. People read long texts! Only, with the condition that they will be interesting.


The kitchen of the photographer is interesting, especially if it is correctly shown. You can remove the backstage with a professional model, which will also look at the video. The model is easy on the same social networks. Many agree to take a picture for free based on TFP. By the way, video content is the third trend of the new year, which according to forecasts will take up to 80% of all posts.

Video backstage is important for users of social networks also in order to see how the photographer interacts with the model.


If you are a wedding photographer and earn it on this, then you do not need to post photos or photos from productions. Even if you specialize in several directions, it's best to create one for each page. This way, you divide the traffic and your sales funnel on the page will not blur. Do not forget that the posts go down and the person who went to the page sees only the last and it is for them that makes up his opinion about the service.

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No, not every post should be selling, but nevertheless one must sometimes remind visitors that they are not in an art gallery, but in a shop with "products" that you can buy. The selling text, basically, should go out in the form of shares and discounts on services. The main text about the cost of services, of course, is indicated in the products or in the description of the page. Fortunately, even in Instagram you can make a semblance of the menu with the help of Highlights Stories "Key moments".


Personalization of the brand is another trend. Make a photo shoot for yourself! Let people look at you and find out you when they meet.

It's no secret that for many people a photo session is a test and the overcoming of their complexes. Yourselves will be opened in your posts and people will be revealed to you!

How does it look in the example of a post about a new location for a photo.

How wrong:

"A new location will be available in June - in Dubki. The place is perfect for autumn weddings. "

How to correctly from the point of view of personalization:

"I've been looking for this place for a long time! And finally I found it! It's perfect - perfect for autumn weddings. Already itching to make another masterpiece. Friends, what do you like about autumn weddings and autumn photos of weddings? "

In the second example, the photographer not only becomes closer to the reader, but also attracts him to talk about autumn weddings.

Targeted advertising

Advertising in social networks should be "promotional". Before deciding on it - we put ourselves in the user's place and ask: "What would I click on myself?", And then ask friends, relatives. A small focus group will help you find out exactly what should be in the text of the advertisement and in the picture. Pay better for impressions, not for clicks, so the more correct the ad is, the higher the CTR of the ad, in simple words, the "exhaust" from the advertising campaign.

If budgets allow, then the setting of targeted advertising is better for professionals. With the management of the social network, subject to the availability of time, you can manage yourself. But if there is no time for anything, then experts on SMM company Futureinapps are always ready to help you!

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