Online store: how to create a website that will make a profit?


No matter how high-quality and unique product you offer, no one will know about it if you don’t pack it beautifully. Alas, this is a market rule. He just needs to accept and follow him.

If you sell through an online store, your packaging is a website. There is no magic pill, after which it will become popular, will delay buyers and make a profit. Constant complex work is important: high-quality content, competent design, easy navigation and organized work of the sales department.

Home page

Home page should be interesting, convenient and understandable. Otherwise, the user will leave the site. Remember: the only deficiency that now exists is time. It’s easier for a buyer to find an alternative among hundreds of your competitors than to find out on a site where the devil’s leg is broken.

Tasks of the main page:

  • Demonstration of the purpose and nature of the site;
  • Attracting visitor attention;
  • Prompt ways to find the necessary information and push to commit the target action.

What should be on the page:

  • All necessary elements in one place: contacts, online chat, basket;
  • Briefly tell about the company with the ability to go to the detailed information;
  • Show current discounts, interesting offers and promotions;
  • Ability to leave or read customer reviews.

Optimized site structure

First, do not forget to adapt the online market for mobile devices. Every year more and more users are completely moving from PC to gadgets. The site should run quickly on all types of devices.

The fewer sections on the site, the easier it is to navigate. In the online store should be a convenient search. Ideal when there are filters. That is, the products are divided into categories: by cost, alphabetical, class.

How to interest a customer with your product

The opportunity to get complete information about the product in a couple of minutes is the advantage of online stores, thanks to which people are increasingly choosing online shopping.

Each product complement the informative description. High quality photos, specifications, benefits, manufacturer data and customer reviews.


24-hour customer support will help you gain customer confidence. This can be an online robot that redirects user requests to a Telegram or WhatsApp manager. Or a real consultant, with whom you can talk via the feedback form.

Try to respond quickly. Remember about the information flow in which we live. After two hours, the client may forget what he wrote to you.

If the client asked you a few questions, answer clearly, in order, better with a numbered list. Do not confuse the client. On the question of price, call not only a number, but also a complete set of goods. The client must understand what he pays for. The meager answers evoke mistrust and subconscious feeling that something is wrong here.

Try to write “conclusions” at the end of the letter with a hint at the subsequent action of the client.

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