Creating a website. Questions about hiring a web developer.


In previous articles we talked about what constitutes the price of developing a site and what factors influence it:

The eternal question: How much is the creation of the site?

How much does site development cost? Key components of the cost of the site.

What you need to do before ordering the development of the site?

Today we will talk about who to hire for such an important job as website development. This may be a separate developer or team, but the questions for them should be the same.

Here are some questions you should ask when hiring a web developer:

1. What services do you offer?

In addition to web development, there are many other services, such as content development, digital marketing, hosting, etc. And it is in your interest to hire a team that provides all of these services.

At Futureinapps, we provide all technical and branding solutions under one roof, including logo design, web development, application development, UI / UX, and marketing.

2. Do you work with templates or do you have “manual” website development?

Most developers will work with both models depending on the needs of the client.

Using a custom template is cost effective and time saving, but does not provide the same uniqueness and functionality as a website created from scratch.

If you ask the developer about this and then compare the cost of both options, this will ease your decision.

3. How will the web project be managed?

The Futureinapps team guarantees a positive work experience. All projects are processed efficiently - we assign project managers to help the client go through the website development process.

A web project is typically performed in five phases, which include research, design, development, launch, and evaluation.

The project manager, who is a link with the client, sends him information about the terms and stages of development.

4. What is the project time?

Timing is important and must be set before the project starts. A team that usually performs the project on time is the best option.

To do this, consider reading the reviews about the company and ask for recommendations.

5. What are some examples of sites developed by the company?

Studying the company's portfolio will give you a clear idea of ​​its development style.

The effectiveness of these websites will clarify doubts. Pay attention to the site of the developer himself, how he positions himself, do you like the design?

7. How qualified is the team?

Website development requires a minimum of three team members, including a graphic designer, web designer and developer.

Knowledge of the experience and qualifications of the team working on the project is proof that your money is in safe hands.

8. When can you start?

A company or freelancer with an impressive portfolio will usually be loaded with projects.

Get clarity in your work schedule. When can work be started? Waiting time will also give you the opportunity to think and come to a reasonable conclusion about whether the team is suitable for cooperation, taking into account the cost of work, or not.

Futureinapps will answer all your questions. Solid clients and a rich portfolio will help you make the right choice!

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