The eternal question: How much is the creation of the site?


The first and probably the most unpleasant question that comes to your mind when you are considering a proposal to create a company site is - how much will it cost?

The answer to the question: "How much is the development of the site is very subjective."

We have developed about a hundred websites, but to this day we cannot give an exact answer to this question.

Here are some reasons why this is not possible:

• Lack of standards. There are several programming languages ​​- PHP, WordPress, Angular, as well as platforms and systems that can be used to program the site. Many ways to achieve a single desired result makes it even more difficult. The way in which one person or company develops a project may be completely different from others. Therefore, it is better to ask Google more specific questions, for example, “how much does a wordpress site cost” or “how much does a PHP site cost”

• Difficulty in planning. Implementing a single function on a website can take anywhere from an hour to a hundred, depending on the complexity and resources required. If you want website users to publish their own content, you may need a hundred details. Need content approval before publishing? Do you want to install a plagiarism test? Do you want to include images? If images can be uploaded, what is the maximum image size? And all these features will need details. Therefore, it is recommended to find an experienced and reliable team that will make these decisions in the interests of your company. Prices vary accordingly.

• Continuous development time. Websites are generally regarded as products, but they should be categorized as services, since the website development process is continuous and takes time and effort from the development team.

• Various bets. The number of web developers has increased significantly - from freelancers and small companies to large corporate giants. The quotes given for the same web project can vary from 150 thousand to a million rubles or more, depending on the company's experience, preferred platforms, team and even location.

Therefore, here you need to specify your request to Google, for example, “how much does a website cost on freelance” or “price list for website creation at (campaign name)”.

• Fixed and hourly price. While some companies still offer a fixed price, most companies are switching to a clock-based pricing model. The fact is that the fixed-price model does not take into account the fact that the development of some websites that seem simple can take months. The watch model takes into account all the valuable labor.

Thus, we determined that the cost of the site depends on many factors that need to be taken into account when planning the budget. One of the main conclusions is that the fixed price of the site is an unjustified decision for both the developer and the customer.

In the next article we will talk about the key components of the cost of the site!

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