What you need to do before ordering the development of the site?


In previous articles, we explained how much it costs to make a website and what the cost of developing a website is.

Today we will talk about the things that need to be borne in mind before ordering a website.


How much are you willing to spend on developing the site now and annually?

Sites, especially complex ones, are expensive, and it is better to know the budget before making decisions.

If the budget is small, you can turn to a freelancer or a company of 4-5 people, since they will charge at least 25% less than large companies.

However, if quality is first and foremost important, it is recommended to hire a team with an impressive portfolio and experienced specialists who are more likely to work with you in the future, unlike freelancers.

Websites also need constant updating and maintenance, so hiring your own specialist or outsourcing services will depend on the budget.

The role of the customer in the development:

It is very important for customers to understand that in order for a website to appear in accordance with their expectations, web developers will need comments and information from them on a regular basis. Starting with the company logo and ending with images that fill the gallery!

It will take the same content for each page. Customer participation is not only beneficial, but also essential for achieving the best results.

Margin notes, but no less important:

Starting a business, people are prone to maximalism and want their website to be perfect, with all the interesting features and bells and whistles, but soon realize the complexity of this situation.

Indeed, having a loaded website with interesting features is a good advantage, but this does not compensate for an erroneous business model, and redesigning the site will cost you dearly.

Therefore, good developers advise business owners to adhere initially to a lean and functional website that does its work and is updated as revenue increases.

We guarantee that even the most advanced websites require revision, minor changes or a complete update.

One of the biggest mistakes of a business founder is to spend months on getting the “right” website, eventually finding that the business is not working as planned.

Ownership of the site, domain name, security technology and hosting:

A website usually involves a lot of administrative work, such as buying or renewing domain names, integrating SSL certificates for security, setting up hosting services and managing updates on WordPress sites so that they do not conflict with the installed templates and plugins.

All this requires technical acumen, in addition to time and effort. Thus, decisions on the ownership of such licenses and technical aspects must be made in advance.

Hiring the right developer / team:

If you have hired employees before, then you probably know that a resume does not always reflect what it really is.

Hiring the wrong team is a real problem that everyone faces, at least at some point.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a developer, you must learn to ask him the right questions before hiring. Read about it in our next article!

We remind you that the company Futureinapps is developing websites of any complexity! Ask us these questions too!

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