How much does site development cost? Key components of the cost of the site


Now that we have answered the question of why it is difficult to determine the cost of the site, as well as determine the reason why the fixed price for the website is not justified, let's focus on the key components of the cost of the website:

Site Type:

Does your website provide information about your product / service or do you want to create an online store for it?

The cost of these two may differ much more than you imagine.

For example, a one-page website will cost much less than a corporate website with hundreds of pages.

 Domain Name and Hosting:

The URL of your website or domain name is a unique imprint on the Internet that can only be used by you.

Other companies may have similar names, but your .com (or .ru, .org, etc.) belongs to your company.

To guarantee the rights to this domain name, it must be registered annually and this is taken into account in the cost of service.

A keyword containing a domain name can cost as much as $ 1,000.

Hosting allows your site to occupy space on the server, making your site accessible to Internet users from around the world.

Depending on the traffic and the included features, hosting can vary from free to several hundred dollars.

However, free hosting is not recommended due to poor technical support, if it is provided at all.

The quality of the site, load time, support for site failures, expansion plans in the future depends on the quality of the host.

Site design:

How much is the site design? Again, for design, the cost can vary from $ 250 to $ 20,000, depending on how you want to see your site.

You can use templates, they will be cheaper. However, they may not look impressive and do not work on retaining and engaging customers in the same way as an individual design.

Web design, created from scratch, although expensive, is an expression of you and your business and is the most effective way to attract customers.

Content Management System:

Coding is a tedious job that requires a huge investment of time and effort. If we made all the changes on the sites, even small ones, using codes, it would be worth a lot of time.

Content Management Systems (CMS) simplify the process of editing information on a website as needed. CMS may need a monthly or annual subscription.

For the convenience of the customer, Futureinapps has developed its own administration panel that allows you to make various changes on the site.

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Content and SEO:

The amount of content to be created for a website is equivalent to the number of pages on the website.

An effective website should put the right words in the users head, forcing them to buy a product or service.

You can write your own content or hire a copywriter. Copywriters can charge from 1000 to 30 000 rubles for the article for the site (depending on the complexity). Content is king and good content pays off.

Content is related to search engine optimization (SEO). Good content should contain keywords that are relevant to the business in order to attract more visitors.

SEO is a permanent service.

Effective SEO improves site ranking and visibility and can cost from $ 200 to $ 1,500 per month.

E-commerce Integration:

E-commerce on a website is a major factor, which can include the total cost of a web development project.

Integration of payment gateways on the website and delivery / tracking systems significantly increases the cost of the site.

The main source of costs is the time required to create individual product pages and ensure their smooth operation, and display the correct information.

It is also necessary to conduct thorough testing of shopping carts, location technology and payment gateways.


Most websites handle huge amounts of data and need an efficient mechanism to work with it.

Database management systems can be very expensive.

The actual cost of database integration depends on the time and degree of integration.

Confidentiality is a growing concern for databases, and with a large number of data leaks, security is also a huge issue.

The average cost of database integration in the world is $ 10,000, although prices vary according to need.


Websites must be maintained and regularly updated so that they can work effectively.

Website maintenance will also be an integral part of the cost of the website, especially because it is repeated.

The cost of maintenance may fall if there are no significant upgrades that lead to redesign and redevelopment.

Regular support and maintenance guarantee the availability of software and hardware on the website and updating of the website to reflect new business developments.

This leads to better SEO rankings and greater visibility.

Perhaps this prompted you to think that the question of how much it costs to make a website is the question of how much a car will cost.

Model, year of manufacture, design, mileage, car maintenance - all this and other factors form the value of the car.

The cost of the site will also vary depending on the options.

But we will tell about it in the following article!

We remind you that the company Futureinapps is developing websites for businesses with any integrations and on any platforms!

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