How to use YouTube stories: what marketers need to know


Promotion in Yotube is a part of marketing for many companies. One of the new promotion tools recently became YouTube-stories.

In this article, you will learn how to create and post stories on YouTube.

What are stories on YouTube?

The YouTube stories, which first appeared in early 2018 under the name YouTube Reels, are similar to the format of stories on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networks.

This feature now officially extends to YouTube channels with over 10,000 subscribers. Many channel creators and owners can now use Stories to keep in touch with subscribers on an informal basis, providing short video content and images to keep their audience throughout the day.

YouTube noted that it may take up to 4 weeks for a new video feature to become available on your channel after it reaches a threshold of 10,000 subscribers.

Viewers after watching videos in the fair will be able to comment on them, and you, as the creator, can directly respond to fan comments with photos or videos with a call to action that all members of the YouTube channel can watch. Fans will also be able to rate stories by putting a “thumb down” or “thumb up” icon, as is done in a Youtube video.

Moderating comments is similar to moderating comments in a regular YouTube video. Your channel tools, available for regular video downloads, are also available in stories.

How long are stories going on YouTube?

The length of the show is a key difference between today's YouTube stories and other story formats. Unlike others, YouTube stories remain visible for 7 days. Thus, the number of views storiz increases.

Similarly, comments on a story also expire after 7 days. However, story creators can view history comments for 30 days in YouTube Studio.

How do subscribers follow stories on YouTube?

YouTube stories are only available through the YouTube mobile app. There are two ways to view YouTube stories: through a feed of subscriptions or the Channel’s Stories tab.

1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and tap the Subscriptions icon at the bottom of the screen.

At the top of the next screen, you will see a row of profile images. Channels with stories are displayed in the left part of the panel. If the channel has a new story that you have not seen, a colored circle will be drawn around its edge on its profile.

To open the history, click on the profile picture.

2. Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and tap the Subscriptions icon at the bottom of the screen. Then find and click “All” on the right side of the channel to open a list of all channels to which you are subscribed.

Click on the profile image to visit the creator channel. At the top of the channel, swipe left on the navigation bar to go to the Stories tab. Click “Stories” to view a list of the active content of YouTube stories, and click on any story to open it.

Tip for advanced: if you visit the “Stories” tab of the channel to which you are not subscribed, you have the option to subscribe directly from the story you are watching.

How to create YouTube stories for your channel or page view

YouTube stories are created only in the YouTube Play app, not in YouTube Creator Studio.

First open the YouTube app on your mobile device, and then click on the camera plus icon in the upper right part of the navigation pane.

Then click on the “History” icon (circle with a plus sign inside).

From here, you can add your video or a saved photo from your mobile device to YouTube history, take a new photo, or record a new video.

How to add a picture or video to YouTube history

To add a photo to your story, click the shoot button.

To record a video for your story, hold the capture button, and when you're done recording, release. The length of the video can be up to 15 seconds.

You can edit your story using various editing tools.

For example, if you want to delete a specific video or image from your history, click the three-point menu and “Delete”.

You can also add music to your story, use filters, insert links to your videos, and add text or stickers. Use two fingers to resize the sticker (using a pinch) or move the sticker (using drag and drop).

When you’re satisfied with the content, click “Save” and then “Publish.”

Tip for professionals: create a story on Instagram or YouTube and save it on your device. You can then republish it on Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube.

View performance indicators on YouTube stories


To see the number of views and comments to each video or photo in the horiz, open the story and look at the bottom of the player. To view the total number of views of the entire history, open the “Stories” tab on your YouTube channel page.

Remember that the stories and their comments disappear after 7 days, and you will only see the number of views and comments on the active story. However, story creators can view history comments for 30 days in YouTube Studio.

How to interact with comments on YouTube stories

The whole point of YouTube stories is to engage your community in more informal conversations. After all, Youtube is also a social network in which you need to move! This helps to promote the video channel, attract new viewers, so it is important to respond to comments.

Here’s how to do it: either click on the image of your profile in the top line of your subscription channel, or go to the “Stories” tab on your channel page. Click on the story, and then on the "Comments" icon to see the entire thread.

To reply to a comment, you can either dial a response or click "Answer History" to record a publicly available video response.

Comment moderation

The moderation settings for comments that you set in your regular videos also apply to your YouTube stories.

This means that story creators can store, view, delete, report or hide comments. You can even add another YouTube channel owner to moderate your comments. This is a convenient option when you work with content together.

How to use YouTube stories to promote a channel

Now that you've got an idea of ​​how to watch, create, and interact with YouTube stories, it's time to get them to work for you.

Enter new markets

One of the best ways to attract new audiences and customers is to work with someone in your space who offers a service or product that complements (does not compete) with yours.

Ask your partner to send you three 10-second videos about what they are doing, and then upload these videos to your story. You can do the same. So you both expand your target audience.

Add each other as comment moderators.

Generate warm leads

Need to generate more leads? Submit an article on YouTube asking a specific problem that your resource solves, and ask people to answer the question in the comments.

Then, immediately after the publication of the story, add a call-to-action comment and a link to your main content. You can find even more potential customers by involving viewers in commentary. And this is also an important ranking factor for your channel. Videos in the top that you see every day, achieved this status due to this factor.

This tactic can be easily adapted to increase the number of webinar subscribers, email subscriptions, selling tickets to events and registering for courses.

Build a good relationship with your subscribers

People buy from acquaintances, and communicating with someone on a regular basis is a great way to start strengthening relationships.

Looking through the comments on your story, pay attention to the questions. Use the option "Answer in history".

This can turn into an easy way to run AMA (ask me what you want) or to attract the attention of loyal customers.

Announce product launch

Does your business launch new products or open seasonal seminars? Storiz is a great internet marketing tool! Share your exciting news in the history of YouTube and give a link to the full press release or launch page. This is a great place to add the “Urgent News” sticker, because it will let the audience know that you are sharing something special.

This tactic will help position you as an industry leader who shares the latest news.

Promoting your video content, do not forget about using keywords in the description!

In turn, the company Futureinapps will always help promote your business in any social networks!

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