SMM news. Instagram has added new ways to interact with subscribers


Instagram has released a series of new features designed to form closer ties with subscribers.

These new features can be used with the fastest growing Instagram channels - stories and live videos (broadcasts).


Countdown in stories

Users can now add interactive countdown stickers in Instagram history.

Marketers can use this feature to count down to an event, such as a product launch or webinar.

E-commerce retailers can also use countdown stickers in stories to remind subscribers of a time-limited promotion that will soon expire or, on the contrary, begin soon.

After the countdown sticker is created for the first time, it will be available for reuse until the countdown ends.

Other users who see the countdown can track it, which will allow them to receive a notification after it ends.

Instagram Live Questions

Stickers with questions can now be used during live video broadcasting, which allows users to receive questions from their subscribers and respond to them in real time.

Live videos have already been used to answer questions from subscribers, however, if many people ask questions at the same time, it’s easy to skip the best.

In addition, people joining the broadcast in the middle may not know what it is about. Thanks to the stickers with the questions in the Live video, the subscriber can easily see all the questions, including the one he is currently answering.




These features are available on iOS and Android, starting yesterday. Only available on iOS, while Android users can only view it.


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