YouTube has got stories!


Now YouTube has an Instagram style for more users, and this feature has been tested since last year!

Users with more than 10,000 subscribers can publish stories that subscribers and non-subscribers can view in a mobile application.

Stories will automatically be displayed in the Up Next sidebar when viewing a video from a creator who recently published a story.

They will also appear in the carousel at the top of subscribers' home screens.

YouTube offers the same story building tools as other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. However, this is where the similarities end.

Users should be aware of the significant differences between YouTube stories and stories in other social networking applications before publishing them.

How are YouTube stories different from other stories?

In addition to the threshold of 10,000 subscribers required to use this feature, this is what’s different about YouTube’s stories.

Stories remain for the whole week.

Unlike stories on other platforms that expire after 24 hours, YouTube stories remain online for 7 days.

Thus, creators should try to make the published materials remain relevant for 7 days after the date of publication.

Answers are not private.

When a user responds to the creator’s history on YouTube, it’s available to the entire community.

Answers to stories in other platforms are usually sent privately by direct message.

When a user responds to a YouTube story, his response is added as a comment that other users can rate - increase or decrease.

Oddly enough, creators can respond to comments only using photos or videos, which are then shared like another story.

It seems that this year every social application fits into the history of trends. For better or worse, at least YouTube uses a different approach.

You can see a demonstration of the history of YouTube in the video below:

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