Will traditional PPC agencies die in the era of automation?


AI has become ubiquitous in modern life, and the setting of contextual advertising also lends itself to artificial intelligence.

“Automation of robots will take 20 million jobs by 2030”

This headline draws attention. It is enough to show it to people how they immediately fall into a frantic panic, which, for the most part, is simply not needed.

No, this is not fake news, especially for some industries, such as warehousing, automotive and manufacturing.

But when it comes to PPC and digital marketing, you have nothing to worry about.

Automation is changing the future

There is no denying that technology and automation are affecting your daily life.

You go shopping and use self-service. You can order McDonalds from the screen, not from the counter.

Even Amazon opened a Seattle supermarket without cash transactions using tracking technology.

But change is a natural part of life. This may close some jobs, but it will open new ones.

In 20 years there will be jobs that we could not imagine today. In fact, the 2018 report predicts that automation will create 133 million new jobs by 2022.

As long as there is Internet, PPC agencies will exist.

Robots don't mind people

Why? Because no matter how good automation and AI are, she will never have empathy, creativity or emotion.

People buy with emotions. Without intrigue, they would not click on the ad. Without passion, desire or even fear, they would not have turned to the seller. A person, not an AI, needs to understand this emotion when advertising for customers.

Take razors, for example

The real reason customers buy razors is because they want to feel good. Because they are nervous about the interview and want to make a better first impression.

What makes a great PPC agency is not just creating campaigns. He has a creative approach and understanding to really connect with what customers want and create attractive advertisements that they really want to click on.

Real creativity can never be replaced by a car.

Automation and man

When you combine time-saving automation with a human approach, you get something really special.

By setting up contextual advertising, the AI ​​will do everything perfectly, but the person after the launch will return and see which ad showed good results to understand why and how it can be used.

In the end, new ads, thanks to the work of man, can exceed the original set.

Automation and people must work together.

Hit or miss

Once you acknowledge that automation will not take over your work, some people will decide to simply ignore it.

The truth is that if you do not use automation, your PPC agency will have problems.

Automation is the future of PPC. It is designed to save you time on manual processes and make work easier than ever without competing with you for it.

Without automation, you will be left behind by the agencies that implemented it.

You must take automation and use it to take your business to the next level.

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