Why is contextual advertising important?


The service of setting and maintaining contextual advertising appears, as a rule, in a complex. However, customers often believe that simply setting is sufficient for them, and further advertising will work without the intervention of the director and analyst.

Indeed, with a properly configured advertising campaign, customers receive their profit from the very first days of launch. This is especially true for the category of seasonal goods or services.

But why do we, nevertheless, recommend ordering an advertising campaign?

Let's take an example - an advertising campaign of anything, let it be “flower delivery”.

Set up a campaign and sent the customer to "free floating". The first week sales went up and everything was fine, but then they plummeted and slipped to nothing. What happened?

It turns out that after a week in the country, the holiday of March 8 came and all the flower shops thoroughly prepared for it by ordering contextual advertising, thereby increasing competition in search and advertising network, and therefore the cost of a click increased. Our independent customer did not adjust the rates for this period and lost customers. Further, realizing the mistake, he raised the stakes himself, but the ads that were written for the daily sale of bouquets are not suitable for public holidays. Here you need to write new ads!

The next reason for the poor performance of an advertising campaign without it is the “idle” keywords or the ones that “merge” a lot of the budget. Such keywords are “shown” only some time after the launch of an advertising campaign and they need to be constantly monitored and deleted.

Some reasons for a broken advertising campaign can be indicated by a properly configured analytics in Yandex Metric and Google Analytics. For example, specifying for the purposes of “opening the order form” and “sending the order form”, you can subsequently track how many people opened the form, but for some reason, perhaps technical, could not place an order.

Due to proper management, an advertising campaign can bring more exhaust than if it is left unattended.

Futureinapps company specialists are engaged in setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Yandex. Direct.

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