Contextual advertising

One sell more better than ten empty calls

We are increasing sales due to site promotion using contextual advertising

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Why do the customer choose us?

Experienced marketers teamExperienced marketers team

We have teaching those who are now bringing you a profit for more than 5 years

We delve into customers sphereWe delve into your sphere

For the correct formulation of the proposal, we thoroughly dive into your scope on the Internet

High conversion of advertising campaignsHigh conversion of advertising campaigns

We make contextual advertising, which forces your customers to make a decision about buying at the stage of an advertisement

We guarantee a reduction in the cost of search advertisingWe guarantee a reduction in the cost of search advertising

Our proven methods and tools to reduce the budget of the advertising campaign in a short time and without losing targeted traffic

Transparent work on a pay per click advertising campaignsTransparent work

We always give you a way to understand the price of contextual advertising and works which we doing for u

We use opportunities of contextual advertising to the fullWe use opportunities to the full

Remarketing, retargeting, media network is a small part of additional methods and tools that we use to not to miss the important client for you in the contextual promotion process

Get a toll-free consultation

Our specialist will go to call you and will consult about the service

What do we do?

Analyze your sphere for creating a better advertising campaignAnalyze of your sphere

Your competitors are not asleep, so we need to carefully research your sphere in order to surpass them in an advertising

USP formulation for a contextual advertising in search enginesUSP formulation

A unique selling proposition is a basis on which paid to advertise in search networks are formulated

Forming of semantics for the contextual promotion campaignForming of semantics for the contextual promotion campaign

We use effective methods of searching, filtering, and segmentation of key and negative words, which will eliminate unwanted traffic and prevent inappropriate spending of budget

Setting up analytics tools of search engines for contextual promotionSetting up analytics tools of search engines

We customize analytics tools so that our work is transparent, and the optimization of the advertising campaign is effective

Setting up an advertising campaignSetting up an advertising campaign

The search engine advertising campaign is designed in such a way that its main goal is to write off more money regardless of its result. Our flexible configuration allows you to extract pluses from the tool, block its undesirable minuses and achieve high performance

Maintenance an advertising campaignMaintenance an advertising campaign

We promptly respond to the signals of an advertising campaign and optimize it for the current state of the market

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