What should be the mobile app for shopping?

The girl is very pleased with the mobile shopping app developed by Futureinapps

Needless to say that more than 60% of all sales in the world occur through a smartphone? This is Google statistics!

Every year, the percentage of downloads from the rapidly growing. However, many sellers doubt the profitability of such a sales tool. First, they are embarrassed by the price - ordering a mobile application is more expensive than a website.

In addition, they do not quite understand why its application will be on the main screen of the smartphone?

What can you do to make your mobile shopping application turn out to be among the main and often used?


Content is the most important thing in a mobile application, after development. Thanks to quality content, the user remains faithful to your store. Content includes text and visual content.


First of all, you need to determine the basic needs of your buyer - to make up his portrait. What is it for? The pain and interests of the client will be used in the formation of the content policy of the store. Yes! It is important not just to show the goods, but also beautifully "wrap" it with useful information.


Shop of female cosmetics. This field of ideas for entering into the content of additional useful options that will be displayed in the mobile application! Women do not just buy cosmetics, they want to be beautiful, healthy and happy. Representatives of the fair sex want to do their health and beauty every day. Why not incorporate video reviews of bloggers into one or another product? This is not just a review, but a step-by-step instruction to use the product! Why not introduce a "beauty calendar" that will help a woman organize her care?

It is these "chips" that will allow your application to "settle" for a long time on the smartphones of millions of women. A person can buy cosmetics anywhere, he does not have to download the application for this, but if this application carries additional functions that cover related needs, it will be used.


Attractive mobile application design is a gift for visuals. And as you know, most people are visuals. In the design, too, there are trends that are useful to follow. In addition, the design of the application should be adequate for any software, so it is desirable that they deal with professionals with relevant experience.


To order the development of a mobile application for business, you need after working on the site or simultaneously with the site. Then it will be easy to integrate the application with the site (in case of simultaneous development) and use the best practices (in case the site was first).


Usability of a mobile application would be worth attributing to the development. However, it was decided to make it a separate item because of its importance.

Does not work scrolling, there is no button to close the dialog or it is hidden, the menu is located in an invisible reality, it is impossible to scroll the page or reveal the full description of the product, etc. etc. Each of us sometimes encounters such inconveniences in some mobile applications. Usability is convenience and ease of use. Accordingly, if your mobile application is convenient and easy - it will remain in smartphones for the target audience for a long time.

Commercial applications with entertainment and useful content will always remain in favor, and if you add design and "manual" development of mobile applications from Futureinapps, then the formula for the success of the application will be found! I want to develop a mobile application!

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