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High speed and quality of mobile applications manufacturingHigh speed and quality of mobile applications manufacturing

Creation of a mobile application is a complicated business process dependent on a lot of factors, which we optimizing for a better speed of the creation and high-quality of the product

Flexible price policy a creation of the mobile applicationFlexible price policy a creation of the mobile application

We always try to make the price comfortable for you and it not affect the quality

An advanced stack of the technology and programming languagesAn advanced stack of the technology and programming languages

The applications must be actual and not promote any a headache for its owner among long years, therefore, ahead of the trends, we regularly modernize the stack of technologies and programming languages, dependent on great experience and high quality of our specialists

A comprehensive approach to the mobile application developmentA comprehensive approach to the mobile application development

Creation of the website or server application to communicate with a cloud database is often be ordered in comprehensive with the mobile application. We will perform those the works for you with a joy

A big base of testersA big base of testers

A final product must fully correspond for the need of a final user, therefore we pay much attention to the meticulous testing of the mobile application on all stages of the creation

Full maintenance after the publication of a mobile application to the App Store and Play MarketFull maintenance after the publication of a mobile application to the App Store and Play Market

Promoting the mobile application, provide uninterrupted work of the cloud services, planning a roadmap of the product modernization, those actions are a small part of all kind of works, which we can do for you after the application publication

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What do we do?

Technical task developing for the mobile application creationWriting of a technical task

A technical task is an important part of the mobile application development process. It helps for us to transform brief to the ultimate task, which realization will turn to new, qualitative and effective product for you and your business

A mobile application prototype creationDeveloping prototype of a mobile application design

Before starting to draw the design, we create a complete map of the application screens, which schematically reflect all the necessary buttons, fields, potential user actions and options for switching between screens

A functional structure of the mobile applicationDesigning the functional structure of a mobile application

A blueprint of the project for programmers, like a prototype for the designers, is a map with description of the mobile application business-logic, database structure, and other components, that speed up manufacturing of the final project

A design creation of the mobile applicationA mobile application design development

We have people who order on the mobile applications for different needs and target audiences, which why we create the design with thoughtful, intuitive and stylish elements of the interface

Writing the programming code of mobile applicationWriting the programming code of mobile application

At this stage, programmers combine what has been done in the previous stages and convert that into a working version of a mobile application

UI, UX, Unit testing of the mobile applicationExtensive mobile app testing

We have over 500 000 intrusive, active interface testers around the world who in a scope with our QA engineers, conduct various tests and prevent the end users and customers from disappointment

The ios, android applications publishing to App Store and Play MarketThe application publishing to App Store and Play Market

It's time to show your new application to a target audience, get advances and look at the avid glances of your competitors

Mobile applications is what the thing is at hand in more than 80% of people all over the world. If you don't wanna "siting in a puddle" with your it product, so don't chase for cheapness, but chase for the quality, which we can guaranty for you
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