Website development. Kazan or Moscow?

Creation of unique sites under the key

Creation of high-quality sites is an expensive pleasure for any business, but without it, today normal business can not exist.

Before entrepreneurs of any level one day a question arises, where to order the development of the site?

At this stage standard thoughts flashed through their heads based on "word of mouth" - "web development is cheaper in the regions", "the quality of creating websites is worse in Kazan than in Moscow, because the best specialists are in Moscow". Then decisions are made with the appropriate budgets: "it is better to pay more, but to get a high-quality product", "it is better to get a medium-sized product, but pay less."

Taking this or that decision, the customer thinks that he is compromising with his desire, which is "order cheaper and get a quality website." However, Futureinapps declares that it works without compromise - creating quality websites from the best IT developers is cheaper than in Moscow!

How, you exclaim, this is contrary to logic. Nevertheless. Let's just count!

What is included in the cost of developing a unique site?

1. Work

  • Developers
  • Project Manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter
  • Internal Optimization Specialist

This is the minimum composition for a good development of the site.

More details about how much the development of the site, read the articles:

The eternal question: how much is the development of the site?

Key components of the cost of the site.

2. Other costs in the production of sites

All this is suitable both for developers in Moscow and for developers in the regions. However, it is clear that the level of staff salaries, the cost of rent and other costs is much lower than in Moscow. This is why the price of development is increasing.

So why pay more?

Futureinapps has in its portfolio sites for regional, federal and international customers. Do you want a unique, high-quality website for your business?

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