Turnkey site creation in Kazan

Turnkey site creation in Kazan

Yes, we are, indeed, located in Kazan, we know that this can be important for Kazan customers. Why?

Experience with Moscow developers and their branches in Kazan (and in fact - all with the same Moscow) showed that the most uncomfortable is communications. Yes, in the Internet age this should not be a problem, however, purely psychologically, it is more convenient for the customer to communicate with local site creators.

In addition, Moscow quotations are often embarrassing, because they start from 500 000 rubles per site, and this is in the middle price segment.

Futureinapps works with a premium segment. Our sites are unique, handmade. Prices are much lower than Moscow's, and the quality is much higher!

What is usually offered in the service "development of a site on a turn-key basis"?

According to the customer's request A turn-key site is just a site, the design of which will appeal to him. With this in mind, many web design studios, offering a turnkey site, only work on a beautiful wrapper. Often such sites - do not work in the sphere for which the order was placed, do not attract traffic and customers. Cause?...

What actually includes the service "development of a site on a turn-key basis"?

  • First you need to understand the purpose of creating a website. In practice, the customer understands them only in the process of working with the developers of the site;
  • The use of web analytics to analyze competitors' websites is the identification of pros and cons. We take the best. Learning from other people's mistakes;
  • We collect the semantic core of the site. This is extremely necessary for SEO optimization;
  • Create a site structure plan. Here you need to understand how many pages you need to create and fill in for a good ranking in the search engine. We are not talking about the standard menu set "Home", "About the Company", "Our Products / Services", but about those company chips that will be competitive and attract traffic from the search;
  • Next, a prototype of the site is created and sent for agreement;
  • After the agreement, the programmer, designer, copywriter and SEO promotion specialist come to work;
  • Simultaneously with the above, a UX specialist works on the site, which checks the usability of the site, the behavioral factor on the site and gives recommendations on optimizing the appearance and structure;
  • After that, the site is tested and placed on the main domain.

In order for your site to "play" with all the colors and be user-friendly, it is very important to see the architecture of the future site. This article will help you "Website development. What should be the site architecture?".

It is also important that you consider the developer level. And for this we have prepared a list of questions that will help you in choosing: "Creating a website. Questions when hiring a web developer."

The cost of developing the site - this is another question that torments customers. How not to lose money, drain them in a low-quality site? Read the article "How much does site development cost? Key components of site cost."

We make sites of manual work (not templates) with internal SEO optimization. You do not have to hire additional specialists to make the site "work". Traffic will go in the first month of the site after its indexing.

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