Tracking subscriptions on Instagram has become impossible!


Instagram has removed a section of its application, which many called the "stalker" tool.

The Subscriptions tab was the area that existed on the Actions tab, it allowed users to see how the people they follow interact with content on Instagram.

Just as the Activity tab lists the latest likes and comments on your own content, the Subscriptions tab lists which posts and comments you recently liked by the people you follow.

The “Subscriptions” tab also tracked when someone you follow was subscribing to another user. Almost all the actions of the people you follow can be found in this tab - the only thing that was not tracked was the comments they left with other users.

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Now the days of “harassing” your subscribers have passed since Instagram completely removes the “Subscriptions” tab from its application. Reports started popping up earlier this week.

This feature has existed since 2011, but the head of the Instagram product said that it was not widely used because many did not know about it:

“People did not always know that their activities were coming to the surface. Thus, you have a case when it does not correspond to the use case for which you created it, but it also makes people wonder when their activity appears. ”

It seems that this change is on the server side, that is, it is deployed without the need to update the application. Thus, those who hoped to keep the “Subscriptions” tab avoiding application updates were out of luck.

We think that this event will not affect the promotion of accounts on Instagram. And what do you think?

By the way, did you use this tab ?;)

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