Instagram cracking down on fake stories


Instagram is working to solve another problem - a wave of untrustworthy views of stories that spread throughout the network.

If you publish stories from Instagram in a public account and get feedback from people who are not following you, then know that this happens not only in your stories.

Where do fake views come from?

TechCrunch reports that the influx of fake views is associated with the new tactics of spam accounts when they “watch” stories in order to appear more real and “live” and receive new subscribers in the process.

This growth occurred after Instagram began to crack down on bots, paid likes and subscribers back in November.

The idea is that if spam accounts “look through” stories, they will not be marked by Instagram as a bot.

Who is responsible?

TechCrunch suggests that this is done by third-party developers with complex settings:

"Some of these promotion hackers may have phone banks whose accounts are becoming the subject of historical views."

The types of accounts responsible for fake views range from Russian models to social media agencies and public figures trying to expand their presence.

Needless to say, this is not a way to increase your Instagram presence. Untrustworthy activities are taken seriously, and they will be punished sooner or later.

What is being done to solve the problem of fake views?

Instagram has confirmed that he knows about the twisted views of stories and is working to reduce this activity,

The solution will include the introduction of new measures specifically for the stories. Instagram does not offer any further details.

At the moment, the only way to stop browsing stories in spam accounts is to make your account private. Although this is clearly not ideal for people who are trying to expand their audience.

Another thing you can do is hide your stories from spam accounts when they appear in the “viewers” section. You could even go further and report spam in your account, which almost always leads to account deletion.

Ultimately, Instagram will take steps to prevent this activity, and users will not have to clean up spam on their own.

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