Too expensive ads on Facebook and low engagement?


In this article you will find the causes and solutions to common problems of social media marketing.

# 1: Your Facebook posts aren't popular.

Although you regularly post to Facebook, there is little or no activity. You have tried several types of posts published at different times of the day and week, and still do not see the results.

Possible causes and solutions

You really don't understand your Facebook audience or their behavior.

It is imperative that you understand who your audience is on Facebook, and what topics they want to see and hear, so that you can fill these gaps with interesting content. Find out who your audience is and what it is interested in, as well as at what time and on which days it is online.

To access Insights, open the Advertising Manager, move the cursor to All Tools, and select Audience Insights.

In the pop-up window, select "People connected to your page."

On the left sidebar, select your Facebook page to see detailed information about your followers. Click on the tabs on the right to learn more about the demographics of this audience, its interests, geographical location and much more.

You do not provide new, interesting or relevant content.

If you continue to create the same content or the same types of advertising, you will continue to see the same results - or no results. Social networks are constantly changing, and what works this month may not work the next. To go ahead of the algorithm, your marketing and content strategy on Facebook must constantly evolve and change, otherwise your results will decrease.

Always strive to provide content that is useful, informative, and interesting, and not content that simply meets your business goals or personal goals. Keep track of what works in your marketing on Facebook and do more. Consistent regular reporting is an important part of understanding what will work next time and what doesn't.

Also see what works on the pages of your competitors.

If you are not sure what to post, ask your subscribers what content they are interested in. Run a Facebook poll on your page or ask questions to find out what they want to see.

You can also send a direct message to your subscribers with a promotion (for example, a prize or a discount) for a simple answer to questions about the content of interest.

High-quality, relevant content will always be popular, but if you use current trends from time to time and use them quickly, your content may spread to a wider audience. Not everyone (and especially enterprises) does this, because fast, dynamic, adaptive content takes time and resources to coordinate.

Use tools like Google Trends to find trending content.

When planning Facebook postings on social media content calendar, leave spaces for one or two of the most recent posts.

# 2: Involvement is high, but conversions are low.

You get a fantastic engagement on Facebook. Users love, comment and share your posts. The problem is that this does not mean selling.

Possible causes and solutions

Your Facebook content works well, but is not related to your products or services.

Facebook users may be interested in your business or page, but their motivation is quality content. This is not very good in the long run, especially if maintaining your current marketing strategy on Facebook is costly in terms of time or money.

However, this is not a bad start and this situation is beneficial in the short term. You clearly understand what your customers like; you just need to think about how you can use Facebook to turn these fans into super fans and customers.

If you are trying to sell a product or service, your content on Facebook must correspond not only to your audience, but also to your business. Each piece of content should serve a specific goal (even if the goal is just entertaining) and should be located in the middle - somewhere between the needs of your audience and your business goals.

If your content is already great, don't change it dramatically. You do not want users to disable your posts or unsubscribe to your page, because you no longer provide content that they like.

Try to maintain the integrity and individuality of your Facebook presence. Does your audience like memes? You can create original memes about your sales, products or services that reflect the "pain" of the customer. Attach your business posts to your Facebook content so that it does not affect quality.

You have not created an effective advertising funnel on Facebook.

Your Facebook subscribers love your content, and they even have the potential to convert, but they don’t. Perhaps your strategy is not as effective?

Use Facebook ads to target these users at all stages of the funnel, especially at later stages. At a basic level, if you have a website, you must have a Facebook pixel. Perhaps you have already attracted users to your site. Using Facebook's pixel, prepare content for users who have been on your site.

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