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Stealing from customers using a mobile application. How secure are mobile apps? Roskokachestvo "answers" - the best applications for job search! The future of mobile apps is all in one! Read on ...

Robbed using a mobile application

In Lipetsk, a bank employee robbed clients for the amount of 16,980 rubles using a mobile application. Having gained access to clients ’personal accounts, he slowly removed small amounts of money from their accounts. A young “entrepreneur” was prosecuted and banned from leaving the country.

Looking for a job through the mobile app is unsafe?

It turns out that not all mobile applications for finding work are safe. The fact is that some do not use encryption algorithms developed by Roskachestvom. As a result, personal data of users and the mobile device itself remain unprotected, which gives way to hackers.

ROSkachestvo tested 27 mobile applications and singled out the top three leaders HeadHunter, SuperJob and Zarplata.ru.

All-in-one mobile app!

Famous entrepreneur Lance Eun said that the boom in mobile applications will soon pass. But aggregators will become popular, which will include the functionality of all mobile applications and have an unlimited number of suppliers.

As an example, Go-Jek - a mobile application used in Asian countries, includes services - from renting a bike - to delivering food and calling a taxi.

In Europe, there are no clear leaders among such aggregators. In Russia, the creation of a similar aggregator based on the messenger was announced by the Futureinapps company. The Telem messenger should become the first blockchain-messenger with the interface in the native languages ​​of the peoples of Russia, which includes a wide functionality in the form of various services.

Applications running in Crimea may be blocked

Apple has blocked without explaining the mobile application "My City", which was funded by the State Foundation for the development of Internet initiatives.

 The CEO of MoiGorod LLC, Dmitry Begovatov, believes that the reason for the blockage is the fact that the mobile application also works with the cities of Crimea. And although Russia is not included in the list of countries under the US embargo, nevertheless, Apple, even after unlocking the application, did not allow it to be updated.

Futureinapps develops unique mobile applications with a high degree of encryption security.

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