Television or social networks? Where to twist advertising?


Perhaps this is not news, but it is worth repeating: the media landscape is not the same as before. And it continues to change.

People’s habits of consuming the media are much more fragmented, and additional features are becoming more and more expensive. Television is no longer the only solution to enter the mass market. Yes, television still benefits in terms of audience reach, but this is only for the time being.

In 2017, almost a quarter of people aged 18 to 49 did not subscribe to linear television in the United States, and the number of millennials who do not have a television subscription has increased by more than 50% over the past two years.

This does not mean that advertisers should begin to abandon television. Far from it! If you do it right, you will get a lot of benefit. How to use television and digital channels together?

Despite the fact that everything is changing, there is one thing that remains unchanged: video is still popular with consumers in all markets.

According to the IPA, in 2018, 99% of British consumers spent 4 hours 41 minutes a day watching video content. Two thirds of it accounted for live TV.

Television or social networks?

Many digital marketers protect digital and point out the shortcomings of traditional marketing; others, referring to statistics, talk about the power of television marketing. The simple truth is that they really complement each other very well. Especially digital video and TV.

The obvious advantages of television are the scope and scale, which are currently in principle incompatible with anything else. Television reaches about 96% of people in key markets (WARC). It also gets a very effective return on investment and is second only to a paid search for brand performance in accordance with Accenture research.

On the other hand, television alone is not enough. By focusing on only one channel, you miss users who do not watch TV. People, watching TV, hold smartphones in their hands and deny them during advertising, which reduces its efficiency by 50%.

Accenture's research shows that television can enhance the impact of digital channels and generates a “multiplier effect” in combination with other channels in the same ecosystem.

This effect was found in all directions!

When 1 + 1 equals 3

Digital channels complement your television campaigns with additional exclusive reach and additional frequency, which has a multiplier effect that increases your ROI, conversion and brand value. The combination of television with video on Facebook / Instagram and YouTube allows you to get higher profits than from any of these channels separately.

Despite all the advantages of mobile phones, the most popular device for watching YouTube is TVs. YouTube introduced tools that allow advertisers to target advertisements specifically for users who watch YouTube on TV, watch less than one hour of cable TV per day, or no longer pay for cable / satellite services. Through this, you increase the impact of existing television advertising campaigns and expand your reach beyond the television.

Facebook and Nielsen conducted some interesting studies in Latin America. By adding advertising on Facebook to traditional television campaigns, they were able to get an increase in coverage by an average of 17%. Not surprisingly, the impact was particularly strong for a younger audience. They also found that the TV Plus Facebook advertising campaign was 20% cheaper than the Only TV campaign, with the same results.

In the Futureinapps project - Russian America TV, for example, we use several promotion channels and Facebook and YouTube give the greatest result.

The future of TV advertising

The numbers make this clear: linear television still deserves advertiser money, but the number of viewers is decreasing and coverage is becoming more expensive. Advertisers will need to reallocate budgets. The marketing funnel is becoming increasingly non-linear, with hundreds of points of contact, and this is enhanced with the development of multimedia consumption; it is not enough to know how to plan a campaign on one channel. The real result will depend on an understanding of how the channels are presented in different industries, how they complement each other, and how to plan and measure brand promotion in a multi-channel world.

You can enhance your brand by combining television with Facebook Video and YouTube. You will get more coverage, create better campaigns in general, and do it all more effectively.

Futureinapps company is engaged in setting up advertising target in social networks. We will help your brand increase reach!