SMM promotion. How many posts does the world need?


Algorithms of social networks are changing every day. The increase in content, quality and not very much, affect the placement in the smart tape. Now it is not the number of posts in the community that comes to the fore, but their quality.

Indeed, social networks are becoming similar to the “garbage” of content, where, of course, emeralds lie, but they still need to be excavated. The clever tape tries to scrape this pile up and is always “glad” to a quality post.

SMM community promotion is first and foremost a compilation of a content plan that will help popularize the community and attract new subscribers to it. The content plan should include not only the topics of posts and their number, but also a plan for their promotion.

Yes, a post is a product that should be relevant to the needs of the audience and be “visible” to it due to high-quality promotion.

After the launch of smart tape, many branded communities have revised their strategies in favor of the quality of the content and its paid promotion.

If earlier daily posts, and even several times a day were mast hev, today it is not only a movie tone, but also a blowout to nowhere - subscribers simply do not see these posts!

Remember, 1 post per day is the maximum!

In addition, the budget, which used to go on posting several posts per day (designer, copywriter, marketer), needs to put money on advertising and paid promotion in social networks.

What is included in the paid promotion of the post on social networks?

1. Targeted advertising.

Social networks provide the ability to display posts for the target audience, which can be isolated, thanks to the tools in the advertising office. This increases the number of subscribers or sales in case the post is selling.

2. Activities that need financial support. For example, contests with a prize fund.

3. Promotion of the community by bloggers. By typing a team of popular bloggers, you can run a promotion, a flash mob, a contest with maximum coverage.

Reducing the number of posts leads to a complication of content. Posts become interesting, high-quality, interactive, etc. Resources for creating animations, videos, own creative solutions are released.

Of course, smart tape has played a big role in reducing garbage content in social networks, and this should be used to create a single, unique, rich content.

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