Content strategy for SMM this year!

Content strategy in SMM 2018

Content and more content! But which one?

Have you ever noticed that you are looking at advertising, but until the end do not understand what is advertised? Famous brands of the world, such as Adidas, Nike, L'Oreal, in their commercials tell people not about running shoes and makeup, but about the beauty of life, inspiration, love.

SMM also does not welcome the imposition of services or goods, even if you just wrote a description without the word "buy". Sales texts work only when they are rarely published.

What to do? To the selling texts the audience needs to be prepared with the help of non-paying, but terribly interesting!

Let's think about what you can write interesting in daily posts on social networks.

First, we will determine the goals of such posts:

  1. Increase the scope, involvement in reading / viewing
  2. Motivate for repost
  3. Engage in commenting
  4. Save the post for later viewing

For each of these goals you need your own post, which is different in content.

So, in order to increase the coverage of the post, you need to be in the trend of today. The most discussed topics of the day are used, hashtags.

Motivate for repost beautiful posts. People like to present themselves through posts in social networks, even if they are outposts. They want to see their wall filled with posts according to their "spirit" - if a man, cars, beautiful girls, yachts, watches, if women are the sea, flowers, restaurants. Important! It is important that the posts are impersonal, but at the same time, they must have a hero - a woman or a man with whom the user would associate himself. Repost also post with the text, which positively describes the user who made the repost. For example, housewives like to make reposts of recipes, thereby showing that they are interested in cooking, which means, most likely, they are well prepared. Do not forget about the audio recordings in posts that, presumably, you might like your audience.

Involving in commenting on a post is a whole art. At the initial stage, admins themselves comment on the post, so that there is someone to join. The texts for such posts should not be unambiguous. There must be some conflict or problem, even if it comes down to the problem of choosing between a yellow or red dress. At the end of the text, you can ask a question that the audience should answer in the comments. It should be noted that such posts are unlikely to repost, since it is customary to participate in the discussion under the original post.

And, finally, if you want the post to be saved for later viewing, then you need to fill it with useful, but long content that takes time to process. It could be an article, or maybe a long video. The main thing here is for the user not to forget about it after having saved it!

Tuning in one wave with your audience, you will soon understand how to write marketing texts for it, what it will greet, and what to reject, with, in what form to file. Never copy the style of your competitors, be yourself, not to mix!

In the light of all that has been said, it should be noted that if you are moving in social networks through a marketing agency, then it should completely immerse in your business and even become an expert in some things. For this purpose, it makes sense to appoint a consultant who would explain to the specialists on promotion in social networks all the specifics of the promoted product / brand. I want to promote in social networks!

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