SMM news. Facebook updates its advertising reports!


Facebook updates its advertising reports by replacing a single relevancy score with three new relevance metrics.

There will also be changes in the way Facebook calculates potential advertising reach.

Finally, some less used metrics are removed from Facebook advertising reports.

Three new ways to report on relevance

Facebook ad relevance score measures how effectively an ad has reached its target audience.

Previously, it was one indicator. Soon it will be replaced by the following three new indicators:

Quality Rating: The perceived quality of advertising compared to ads competing for the same audience.

Engagement rating: how the expected level of ad involvement compared to ads competing for the same audience.

Conversion Rate: how the expected ad conversion rate is compared to ads for the same optimization goal that competed for the same audience.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will begin to introduce the three aforementioned “relevance diagnostics”.

The previous relevance metric will be removed on April 30th.

Changes in the metric "potential coverage"

Facebook is changing the way we assess potential coverage.

When estimating the number of people who can see ads, Facebook will only include those who have shown ads in the past 30 days.

Previously, the potential coverage was estimated based on the total number of active users in the network for the month.

Thus, it was not taken into account that some of these users could not view the advertisement.

This change is made in response to advertisers' request for ratings that are more in line with actual results.

Remove less used metrics

In April, Facebook will remove advertising figures from the list. Among them:

• Relevance score

• Replies to messages

• The cost of responding to a message

• Buying a ROAS mobile app

• Online ROAS purchase

and etc.

The metrics listed above are replaced by other metrics that are considered more efficient.

The company said: “For example, we are introducing an indicator of saved posts so that companies can see how many people saved their ads. Ads will be counted in the new metric of saved posts, so we remove the Offer Saved metric. ”


Facebook is constantly introducing new features for advertisers. Read about this in the article:

Augmented Reality and Live Photos: Facebook updates to help sell


Changes in the Facebook metric will be introduced gradually, so we wish all smm managers concentration, patience and successful cases!

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