Complemented reality and live photos: Facebook updates that will help sel

Updates on Facebook in 2019

Developers Facebook made a good effort to make the social network the most convenient advertising platform. We have made for you the collection of the coolest updates that will help you increase sales and strengthen the brand in the market.

 Announcements with an added reality

Augmented Reality is a feature that is especially for those who sell clothing, accessories or cosmetics in the FB. New ads will be displayed in news feeds with the "Click to try" button on the main image. After touch, users can place a digital version of the product in their image using the Facebook camera. If the user likes what he looks like in new clothes or with an unusual shade of lipstick, he will be able to click on an ad and make a purchase.

Playable ads

Playable Ads - such a cool thing developed specifically for gaming applications. The service allows you to try the product before buying it.

Reviews on the Facebook page

Reviews make your activity transparent and give customers the ability to feedback. They appeared on Facebook for a long time, but now the section has been updated and became even more convenient for users.


Facebook has created a convenient built-in service for creating video. With it, any user can turn ordinary photos into cool live videos. Templates are easy to apply. You can convert images using animation and text with a wide range of fonts.

Facebook Stories

When planning a media plan for 2019, note that Facebook has introduced histories, like the Instagram. The ads open to the full screen and can not be left unnoticed. From the experience of the Instagram it is safe to say that advertising in Story is often more effective than in the tape - probably due to the still low competition.

If you do not have time to keep track of all social networking updates and use all the tools at full capacity - we will help you in SMM promotion!Complemented reality and live photos: Facebook updates that will help sel

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