SMM News: Facebook's new logo, TitTok expands opportunities, Twitter fears politics and more


It is very important for an SMM marketer to keep abreast of the latest developments in the social media world. Today we will bring to your attention the latest SMM news, which may be of interest to SMM promotion specialists.

Facebook releases a new corporate logo that will appear with all its brands

The corporate logo will be displayed on Facebook-owned services and platforms.

On Monday, Facebook introduced a new corporate logo, which will soon appear on all of its products.

According to Facebook marketing director Antonio Lucio, the simple “all capital letters” logo was “designed for clarity” to help separate corporate identity from social media applications. The Facebook brand will continue to be represented by the familiar blue and white lowercase letters “f” and “facebook”.

The corporate logo will also be added to Facebook-owned services and platforms, including Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Calibra. Facebook first announced a branding plan in August.

Why should this concern SMM internet marketers?

Although marketers understand the full breadth of Facebook’s portfolio, polls show that many consumers don’t know, for example, that Facebook owns Instagram or WhatsApp. Facebook's solution makes platform communication easier for consumers.

As Facebook tries to combine the backends of its applications with encryption, it also creates more opportunities for advertisers' Facebook for allowing advertisers to connect with users through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger through a single Ads Manager hub. Advertisers were ambivalent about brand promotion, but we note that the company's reputation problems have not yet affected advertising revenue.

The new TikTok SDK allows you to download videos from other applications and services

Users can simply “share videos with TikTok” from the edit panel of their favorite apps that accept SDKs.

On Monday, TikTok released its world's first software development kit (SDK), which will allow users to upload video content to the TikTok platform through third-party applications.

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“Share to TikTok” is the first kit that TikTok introduced in its TikTok Developer Program. The SDK includes new tools to help third-party applications and developers integrate with TikTok, allowing users to simply “share with TikTok” from the editing panel of their favorite applications.

In addition, TikTok named Adobe Premiere Rush the first integration partner, giving users the ability to edit using Adobe's rich features and instantly share them with TikTok. Premiere Rush allows users to capture video and edit content on any device using a number of tools and effects, such as changing speed, editing aspect ratios, advanced color and sound management, transitions, and more.

Why should this concern SMM marketers?

The SDK provides developers and third-party applications with the ability to diversify content channels based on user preferences, which can help increase targeting accuracy and reach brands on a platform with more than 500 million users.

“By interacting with the TikTok SDK, third-party developers will not only provide the creators with a new channel for sharing their creations, but they will also expand the coverage of their own platform using special hashtags of partners,” the company writes.

In addition, the SDK can draw more attention to the popular video sharing platform by conveniently posting messages with one click.

Twitter user data interested in US government

Twitter reports an increase in data requests. Between January and June 2019, Twitter received 7,300 requests for user data, with most of the requests coming from U.S. government (2,120 requests for 4,150 accounts), TechCrunch reports. According to the company's latest transparency report, the number of data requests has increased by 6% compared to the same period last year. “Twitter said it has deleted 115,861 accounts suspected of contributing to terrorism, which is 30% less than in the previous reporting period,” TechCruch writes. Twitter also added data to the report, which displays information about fake accounts. During the first half of the year, Twitter said it had taken action against 124,339 accounts for violating its policy.

No more political advertising on Twitter

If you missed Wednesday's news, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that the company will stop posting political ads on the platform. “Although online advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, this power poses significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes, to affect the lives of millions of people,” Dorsey tweeted. The CEO said the company plans to talk more about the final policy on November 15 and begin to apply the ban on political advertising on November 22. This statement is in stark contrast to what Facebook has announced, namely not to verify the fact of advertising from politicians. Facebook claims that its policy is about freedom of speech, and that political advertising will generate only 0.5% of total revenue next year.

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