The reality of the Black Mirror is approaching. Facebook expands AR / VR technology


Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook for AR and VR, announced that the company behind the development of a bracelet for neural monitoring will join the Facebook Reality Labs team.

Facebook bought CTRL-labs, a technology company that developed a bracelet for neural monitoring.

“They will join our Facebook Reality Labs team, where we hope to scale the technology and incorporate it faster into consumer products,” Andrew Bosworth, vice president of AR and VR, wrote on his personal Facebook account.

According to Bosworth, CRTL-labs technology can convert the signals in the muscles of your hand into digital signals, allowing you to control your device without actually clicking the mouse or pressing a button: “This captures your intention, so you can share the photo with a friend using imperceptible movement or just an intention. ”

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Why should this concern SMM professionals?

Marketing teams that have already taken advantage of AR and VR branding capabilities understand the potential value of such technology, even if Facebook is still far from integrating neural monitoring into its advertising platform. As Bosworth writes: “Such technologies can open up new creative possibilities and rethink the inventions of the 19th century ... This can change our way of interacting.”

The question for marketers that needs to be considered now is how to use such a technology if it becomes more popular - what are its consequences in terms of combining brands with its audience?

Brands that are ahead of the AR / VR curve are likely to be most able to maximize the creative potential that neural monitoring technology can offer in the long run. And given Facebook’s lion's share of the digital advertising market, integrating such technologies into the AR / VR advertising ecosystem may not be as far off as we think. And this will give the company even more competitive advantages for attracting experienced marketers.


It is interesting:

• CTRL-labs CEO Thomas Reardon was the creator of the Internet Explorer project at Microsoft.

• No financial details of the acquisition were reported, but Bloomberg reports that Facebook pays the company $ 500 to $ 1 billion.

• In June, CTRL-labs acquired Myo's armband patents from North.

• There are applications focused on electromyography (EMG), that is, devices that measure changes in electrical potential caused by a slight change in a person’s physiological state when interacting with a brand.

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