Setting up ads on Facebook has become even easier. Ads are now tailored for each user.


Facebook news is thundering every day, but we’ll focus on the one that will interest SMM to Instagram and Facebook specialists who target ads.

Facebook is introducing new advertising features that use machine learning to dynamically customize ads for individual users.

This gives advertisers the opportunity to display personalized ads. Yes, advertisers who know their target audience may themselves do everything right so that the ads are as relevant as possible, but new algorithms will help this with new features.

In the announcement, the company declares:

“Facebook Machine Learning combines data and signals from our platform, as well as the information you share, in order to make predictions about which people are suitable for this post. As people take various actions on Facebook and beyond, it creates intentional signals that help us provide a more personalized approach to advertising. We do this for both organic and paid content. ”

Here is more information about each of Facebook’s new advertising features.

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Dynamic formats and advertisements

The new dynamic Facebook ad formats and the creative creative feature provide a personalized version of the ad for anyone who sees it. This allows advertisers to dynamically display various ad formats, depending on what the user is likely to respond to.

If, for example, a user finds that he prefers carousels to directories based on his previous activity, then in this format he will be served.

Multiple Text Optimization

By repeatedly optimizing text, advertisers can include multiple fields for body text, title, and description fields. Facebook will choose from the proposed automatically optimize advertising based on the individual preferences of the user.

You can use this feature when creating ads on the same advertising medium for traffic, application installations, and conversion goals.

Automatically translated languages ​​for single-media advertising

Using the “add languages” features, advertisers can easily deliver ads to international customers with messages translated into the local language. Advertisers will be able to view translations or provide their own if they translate better.

Setting up targeted advertising on Facebook is not a matter of 5 minutes. Despite the improvement of services, it still requires good SMM specialists who will not just post an ad, like in a newspaper, but will research a niche, gather an audience, identify the main directions, collect keywords that are important in the ads, create a creative that your potential ones will appreciate customers. Always turn to professionals!

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