Setting contextual advertising. Remarketing and retargeting


Often customers ask themselves what remarketing and retargeting are and how do they differ from each other?

Let's start with the definition of these two terms

Retargeting - Yandex tool. Direct, which allows you to display ad groups for a specific segment of the audience collected by Yandex. Metric

Remarketing is almost a similar retargeting tool in Google Adwords, which with the help of custom tags shows ads to site visitors.

And the one and the other tool “catching up” the site visitors over a different period of time - in Yandex - up to 90 days, on Google - up to 540 days. The number of days, of course, you can choose.

Both tools require communication with analytics systems - Yandex Metric and Google Analytics, respectively. For this, a special code is inserted into the landing pages of the site. For example, if we need to “collect” visitors to a page with a specific product, then we put a goal code (or tag) on ​​this page.

How can this be used?

Most often, customers simply show ads intended for the YAN or KMS again. But we recommend that you think over this moment and rebuild ads specifically for those who were on your site. For example, if a user came to the registration form, but did not manage to fill it in, you can catch up with his advertisement reminding of this: “Registration has not been completed yet. Hurry up to ... ".

What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

Their differences, above all, in the settings. Yandex’s retargeting, in addition to ad impressions to site visitors, can also be tuned to geolocation audiences, even visitors to a specific shopping center. To create such a segment, another Yandex tool is used. The audience.

In Google Adwords, a similar tool is “soldered” into the settings of an advertising campaign. Both tools are designed for audiences who have not previously contacted your site. You need to be prepared for this and pay special attention to such filters as adjusting rates by age and sex so that your ad does not show to everyone in a row from the selected geolocation.

Another important difference is that in Yandex. Direct retargeting can be customized for each ad group, and in Google Adwords only for the entire advertising campaign.

It is important to note that retargeting and remarketing can be configured only for YAN and KMS respectively.

Futureinapps will set up YAN and CMS with retargeting and remarketing to promote your business!

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