SEO promotion. How to strengthen SEO?


SEO (SEO) - promotion is an effective tool that helps to increase sales due to the fact that the site is visited by organic customers - those who found the site on search.

However, even in the case when the site is on the first pages of the search results or even in the TOP, there is a possibility of the site lagging behind its competitors in the field of sales.

Why is this happening?

1. Poor customer service

A well-tuned site is only part of business promotion. If a client doesn’t hear the answer for a long time by calling the phone number indicated on the site, then this is unlikely to result in a good conversion.

And it is known that from 15 to 100% of sales are made on a call. A lot of people, even if there is an application form, prefer to call the seller directly and find out all the details of the order, delivery and payment from him.

Therefore, it is important to calculate this “client path” leading to sales and re-sales.

Large online stores start their call-centers or sign contracts for outsourcing. It is important to understand that the popularity of the store in a competitive environment provides, above all, an excellent customer service.

2. Poorly developed logistics system.

Having ordered a product on your website, the customer will not order it again if there are problems with delivery.

Moreover, most of the negative reviews about the product most often have a mediated relationship to the product itself and direct to its delivery. Even an ideal product can be rejected with poor logistics.

3. The product may not be in trend.

Poor demand for goods can be seasonal or constant - in the case of trends that have lost their popularity. What is there to do? Business, first of all, should follow the trends and be on their wave.

4. Not built a marketing strategy

Competitiveness, other things being equal, depends largely on proper marketing. If a competitor holds an action, but you don’t, then there’s no customer either.

Tools that enhance the SEO - not quite "hemp". But they affect the CEO. How?

The mechanism is simple - if the client, thanks to the excellent service, logistics and popularity of the product, buys it and contacts the site again and again, then the search engines notice this and raise the site in search results.

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