Question for B2B marketers: a blog or a vlog?


Marketers need to explore and evaluate new ways to attract the target audience. But should B2B marketers consider the possibility of doing vlogs instead of blogs? What are the potential benefits and tradeoffs? Both formats allow you to provide information, updates, customer reviews and opinions.

So, what should you consider when choosing?

Lecture hall.

Vlogs are easy to share, and they appeal to a wide range of people ... both business and end users. Vlog about the development of protected software can be interesting even to those who do not have the tools necessary for independent work. Similarly, many people who do not have time to attend events are watching a video blog about sessions that interest them or news bulletins. In addition, watching videos is usually faster than reading articles, and, if done correctly, it's more fun.

Blogs are more interesting for people who need detailed or technical information. Using a blog post, you can list all the sources of your article so readers can verify the facts. It is also easy to include links to other useful information. Vloger cannot afford this luxury, as viewers may incorrectly print links to sites or make other mistakes that will not allow to find the key information that they need.


Vlogs work best with less complex topics. For example, you can make a video that shows people exactly how to make fun experiments, set up devices, or collect products from your company. Vlogs are also great for meeting your company executives or interviewing guests.

Blogs are best suited when the information you need to convey is complex, detailed, or contains links to other parts of the content. You can include handy pointers or headlines so that your readers can see exactly what this section is about. If your subscribers are looking for specific information, they can quickly and easily find it without viewing the full video in the case of vlogs.


Maintaining of a videoblog is usually more expensive than blogging, because it requires potentially complex video equipment. For high-quality video content, you need one or more microphones, a good camera and a quiet place. Some vloggers use sophisticated hardware or even a green screen. Others use modern sound mixing equipment and use the services of entire film crews or sound specialists. With a blog you need only a computer and access to the Internet.

For serious companies that are thinking about positioning themselves through video content, it is necessary to find video production at an outsourcing. And before you make a video order, you need to prepare. Read about it in the article "Brief on the development of a video. What is important to know?".

In addition, blog traffic is more difficult to monetize, since viewers cannot click on interesting links as easily as blogs. You can still add links in the comments to your videos and mention affiliate products, but it’s difficult to track.

So what's best for B2B marketers? The Futureinapps team believes that they should use both. It is important to maintain balance and success will overtake you. In turn, we recall that our company is engaged in the production of video content to promote any business!

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