Brief for the development of a video. What is important to know?

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Video production is not just an option used in business - it's a full-fledged part of marketing.

Video content has become very popular lately, more and more services offer to make video clips for business. Beginning businessmen take into account the needs of the market and try to sculpt promotional videos from what God will send. The result is unpredictable, like God's providence.

Thoughtful business models are those that include the whole range of promotional activities, including the creation of video clips - promo videos, show-videos, video presentations, video instructions, image videos, training videos, music videos, video clips, viral videos, etc.

Before you order a video for business, you should determine the goals that must be achieved with the help of video. This can be increased loyalty, increased sales, training of employees, training on courses, ... - most importantly, the goal should be clear.

After the customer can choose one of two ways:

Itself to come up with a script, to paint what the scenes will look like and with what tools the video production will be presented.

Provide the development of the scenario for "creative" of our company.

Then you need to fill out the brief.

Brief - this is a list of questions about the subject of your order, which you need to answer. The more detailed the details of the brief will be, the faster and more harmoniously the work will go.

Actually, filling the brief will be easy if the customer thinks about the things written out beforehand.

At the first stage of the production of a video, an agreed scenario is important, the definition of the type of video - 2D animation, 3d animation, video with animation elements or without it. All this is described in the brief by the customer or the executor with the words of the customer.

In the brief on video production, you can also give examples of the videos you like, which will determine some direction in the production of the video.

Only after the successfully completed stage of preparation begins the actual technical part of the production of video shooting and postproduction or the work of the motion designer when ordering the animation.

Brief helps the customer and video studios avoid conflict situations, "understand each other" and saves time! I want to develop a selling video!

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