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Mobile applications have become part of our lives. Soon there will be a proverb, instead of "every second a person is born on the planet", "every second on the planet there is a new mobile application". How does the development of mobile applications make life easier for people?

From the latest news of the mobile application market

Learn about precursors of coronary insufficiency using a mobile application

Scientists together with developers of mobile software have created a new product - a mobile application to detect narrowing of the coronary vessels. Until now, such a diagnosis could be made only by introducing a contrast agent into the bloodstream and using a special probe. Invasive procedure, which will not go everyone.

A mobile application has been created for which it is enough to "calculate" the blood flow, based on computer tomography. The application is working properly and the results of the study of 3,500 people have already been confirmed. Every third has a narrowing of the coronary vessels, which may further affect the health of the cardiovascular system.

Mobile app will reveal counterfeit money

This summer there was a mobile application for Android and iOS, which will confirm or deny the authenticity of banknotes of any denomination. The application "Banknotes of the Bank of Russia" will allow you to determine what year a banknote is issued, its denomination, and the presence of security badges. Given that only in one quarter of 2017, the Central Bank has identified 11,000 counterfeit bills in circulation, the emergence of a mobile application is very welcome.

Information about jewelry through the mobile app

Do you want to know what gold your ring is made of? Or from what depths, which country is your diamond in the pendant? All this became possible due to the mobile application, which, reading the QR code, will be able to lay out all the information about the jewelry. An integrated information system in the sphere of control over the turnover of precious metals and stones was presented at the Ministry of Finance.

What causes migraine? You can find out! Using your mobile app

Recently, an application has been created that allows you to find out the cause of a condition such as migraines.

It is known that migraine provokes many factors, but doctors have not yet established the exact causes. Therefore, patients are forced to keep a diary of observation in order to understand most what causes them to migraine. 10% of the world's inhabitants suffer from this disease. The developed mobile application can itself record and analyze the changes that occur with the body for several months and, as a result, give out the causes of migraine.

Mobile application-contraceptive

In the United States, the mobile application Natural Cycles was recognized, which for someone can be used as a contraception, but for someone as an opportunity to reveal the best days for conception. His work is based on the calendar method of contraception. Women every day measure the basal body temperature, which is added to the application. Then the decoding is given - it is possible or impossible to have sex on that day.

Mobile application for self-employed

In January 2019, the Federal Tax Service of Russia plans to launch an application that will record the unemployed part of the population. Test the application will be able to residents of Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga region and the Republic of Tatarstan. This application allows you to make a light registration, without having to come to the tax authority - just scan your passport. Self-employed citizens can easily control the process of tax deductions.

Mobile application "SberKids" for children

Sberbank decided to expand its product line and launched a mobile application for children, in which it is possible to issue a virtual card "SberKids". It allows you to make purchases with contactless payment. The mobile application will be controlled by the parents, from whose cards and will enroll. Mobile application "SberKids" does not provide withdrawal of cash and transfers.

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