New mobile applications


Too lazy to press!

Google has created a mobile application Voice Access, which allows you to control your phone without touching it. In addition, the application is able to build sentences and texts without spelling errors. That is, using the application, users with disabilities can write articles and even edit them. Voice Access can be downloaded on Google Play. The application is developed so far only for English-speaking users, but soon the company will release applications in other languages.

Sberbank Online began collecting consents for biometric identification of customers

Biometric identification has already been introduced in several banks in Russia. It allows customers to open an account, make banking transactions without contacting the bank office or speaking passport data. It is enough to record your voice or video of a person so that the bank system can identify you from a distance.

The Sberbank database will be updated with the consent, and in the future, when contacting the bank, it will be possible to complete the procedure of “identification” of you by the bank system.

A look into the future in retirement ...

... offered through the mobile application of the Pension Fund of Russia. The new mobile application is in the load to the “State services”, in which it is necessary to log in to get access to the “PFR. Electronic Services.

The application allows you to calculate your pension at different stages - today and through the estimated time of work at the estimated salary.

 Futureinapps employees checked this application, which, by the way, is intended for working people who deduct taxes.

Get help by pressing just one button.

System 112 is a mobile application of the Moscow region, which has great functionality.

Through it, it is easier to call the police or an ambulance, you can find any state institutions on the map, find out the whereabouts of relatives related to your contact phone numbers and report that you witnessed an accident on the road. This in turn will warn all drivers to look for other routes.

And if a person is not able to dial a phone number - just press the "I am here, I need help" button. The operator will immediately determine your location and send an ambulance.

Journey to the East?

To the Far East! Routes in the Reflle East, organized tourism infrastructure is the goal set by the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets.

Information technology in the form of a new mobile application should help to achieve this goal. While there is no information who will be the developer of this application, but the development of tourism in the Far East is welcome.

The best mobile app in the world!

This is a banking mobile application, which for several years now has maintained its leading position. BBVA Bank constantly improves the functionality of the application, thanks to which users from all over the world give the application 5 stars. The most popular "chip" is that the registration in the application takes a few seconds through a simple selfie.

I want to order the development of my mobile application!

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