Mobile apps. Good examples

Mobile gadgets today are constant human companions. People may not have a personal computer, but they will definitely have a telephone. This pattern in the market has forced the business to turn towards the development of mobile applications. A self-respecting company whose management thinks big and in the future already has, in addition to the site, a mobile application.

The golden mean between mobile applications and a full-fledged site has become a mobile version of the site, which in some cases, smoothly into the application.

Where did this transition become most in demand?

Social network

Communication and networking are new words that symbolize the marketing of this era. Social networks play an important role here. More than 2 billion people are “sitting” in social networks - chatting, watching and reading entertainment content, and also looking for goods and services! Correspondence in social networks replaces the feedback on the sites.

Almost every social network has a mobile application that allows you to remind yourself to your smartphone user in the form of a memorable icon on the main screen. This makes it possible to communicate not only via instant messengers, but also social networking applications. Knowing the needs of the market, manufacturers of gadgets are pre-embedding mobile applications of some social networks, so that for the first time the phone has the services needed by the client. Mobile applications are not only a phone, but also watches, glasses, bracelets - all in order to stay connected 24 hours a day, anywhere.

Post office

Mail began to be used before social networks, and, although today the popularity of postal services has decreased, they remain one of the communication channels. Mail has adapted with many services and now it is enough to authorize by mail in order to access any useful site, find out about the weather, the latest news.

Mailbox icons are also present on our smartphones and this tool has become popular due to the fact that it was able to adapt to mobile gadgets.


Probably not the youngest PC users remember the very first games - cards, chess, which they played on their computers. All these games have been successfully transferred to mobile devices and now the popularity of gaming mobile applications is growing with a geometrical progression. Fortunately, the speed of the Internet allows you to play online.

Online stores

Aliexpress, Lamoda, Iherb - there are many shops, and each has its own mobile applications, having established that, the user is not in a hurry to delete them, as these markets are constantly encouraging customers to use their applications.

The success of the mobile applications of these giants is inspiring, and the rest of online stores move in this direction.

Video Hosting

Fans of video usually don’t crawl into the search engine to search for the next content, but they key in keywords into the search bar of the mobile application of the desired video hosting. Fortunately, bloggers indulge us with videos on various topics, in addition, television and radio necessarily have their own channel on the main video hosting sites. All this contributed to the introduction of another necessary application on our phones!

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