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New level of travel!

Did you miss trips and airports? Aeroflot has supplemented its application with interactive maps of 12 airports in the world.

The user can tour the interactive maps of Sheremetyevo, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, London, Munich, Nice, Tokyo and Zurich airports!

Planning your vacation, starting with the back of the wait and the cafe at the airport, is a new level of travel!

Order a taxi, pizza and ... medicine!

Now it is as easy as calling a courier to deliver food or a taxi, you can order medicine through the mobile application. In the Utek application, there is always up-to-date data on the presence of pharmaceutical products in a large list of pharmacies.

Today, online sales of pharmacy products are not so developed, but analysts suggest that the market is already ready for expansion. In this sense, the mobile application "Yutek" joined the ranks of the pioneers.

"Hey Charlie" - an app for addicts

Needless to say, sick people always need social support. In the USA, various communities of people united by one pain, one problem or interest are very developed. There are a lot of groups for drug addicts who are at different stages of treatment. During this period of their life, various stimuli are especially needed, which will support a sick person in an effort to get rid of the illness.

For these people, a postgraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Emily Lindemer developed the Hey Charlie mobile app.

The application is a pocket psychologist who controls a person in remission, warns of dangers, encourages any steps to recovery. In addition, through the application you can communicate with other users on conditions of complete anonymity. People within this community also support each other and fight against their addiction together.

Confidence on the road from the "real kid"

Is it boring to learn the rules of the road on standard tickets? Welcome to the mobile application from the "real boy" Nikolai Naumov "AutoClass".

In the annex, in addition to standard tickets, there are lessons parsing non-classical situations on the roads. For example, a novice may not know how drivers should “talk” with each other and what the rule of three “D” means is “Give way to the fool”, which is not found in any examination ticket, but will be useful in life.

The application will be interesting for experienced ones, as it is full of entertainment content, in the form of memes, folk councils, etc. There are even lessons about extreme, kontravariynoy ride!

A gift for fans of comics Neymar

Brazilian footballer and striker of the French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Neymar da Silva Santos Junior created his own mobile application and presented it to his fans.

"Neymar Jr. Comics" at the moment - a collection of comics based on the career life of a football player. Fans love them so much that Neymar plans to release the same video game and animated cartoon.

And finally, a tip: there can be a lot of mobile applications, but not all of them are developed with high quality. Trust trusted developers.

Trust Futureinapps!

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