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Mobile application can be considered not only as an assistant user, but also as a tool to control and account for users. This control is often necessary and in general organizes various aspects of human life in society.

A mobile phone instead of a passport, how not to get lost in the forest to volunteers, search engines, a “May decree” and control of its execution, an accident on the euro-protocol through the application - read the news of the market of mobile applications from Futureinapps!

Mobile instead of a passport!

The State Duma is discussing the possibility of presenting a mobile application instead of paper passports and driver’s licenses. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov at the Russia Calling! Forum.

First of all, I must say that they plan to change the passport itself to an electronic one with an integrated chip. But even it will not be necessary to carry it with you if there is a special application in the mobile phone that will store IDs. With the application it will be possible to perform various operations, in our time possible only when using paper passports.

Mobile application to search for people

At the Olympiad of the National Technical Initiative (STI), an application was developed for the volunteer search and rescue squad "Liza Alert". The winning team of schoolchildren offered to expand the functionality of the application that is currently being developed by Lisa Alert.

The new application has the ability to track and coordinate the route of each volunteer. Search for missing people is sometimes fraught with dangers, for example, when searches are carried out at night, in the forest. The application allows you to be in touch with volunteers, mark points of finds, memorize routes, so as not to search twice in the same place, report on those who have returned to the base or are sent to search.

Accident on Euro-Protocol via mobile app

Waiting for DPS, at times, takes a lot of time, and it is necessary to issue an accident, even if everything is clear and without specialists. What to do?

A mobile application that allows you to independently issue an accident on the europrotocol, will appear very soon. Deputy traffic police Vladimir Kuzin said that the first to test the application will be the drivers of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow region and Leningrad region. Note, it will be possible to use it in case of accidents with damage up to 400 thousand rubles.

Survey on healthy lifestyles through a mobile application

The mobile application "People's control" was developed by the All-Russian Popular Front. Recently, it conducted a survey on a healthy lifestyle, which was attended by about 2 thousand people.

Thus, feedback was obtained from users who downloaded the application. Based on the survey, the first conclusions were made about the speed of implementation of the “May decree” by President V. V. Putin, which defined the country's main goal for the coming decades - an increase in life expectancy to 78 years by 2024 and 80 years by 2030 .

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