Local targeting for offline business


Local targeting is a technology that allows you to show your offer to an audience located in a geosegment (radius) in close proximity to the point of sale.

This tool is well developed in search networks and social networks.

Do not confuse local targeting with geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is designed for countries and localities, local targeting - for neighborhoods and streets.

Who is local targeting suitable for? First of all, the business, whose customers are located near the offline point of sale. These can be streets near your car service center or beauty salon with express manicure, there can be flower or gift shops. All these points are different in that they do not need advertising throughout the city, especially if it is a metropolis. Target customers are nearby! Make a manicure at dinner, order food from a nearby cafe, change summer tires for winter until it is too late.

Yes, local targeting is very suitable for promoting offline business to people using gadgets with GPS, computers with Wi-Fi connected.

Today we will tell you where you can set up local targeting to promote your business.


This social network is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Large companies have their own page in this social network. But medium and small business is not far behind and uses all possible tools to find its client.

Local targeting on Facebook can be configured not only because of the convenient radius of audience coverage, but also by segmenting and filtering the audience by interests and preferences, age, gender, social status, work, etc. thus, local targeting is a tool that complements the overall strategy of an advertising campaign.

By collecting a certain number of communities that are united by a location close to yours, you can target your ad on them, and the local targeting tool will help weed out the “sympathetic” community, but not living in the right place for you.

Google and Yandex

Local targeting can be used when setting up advertising campaigns in the Yandex advertising network and the Google content network.

Advertisers can choose several locations, which will be targeted advertising. This is true for networks that have points in different areas and settlements.

Settings allow you to increase the rates for requests from the desired location and this is an excellent effect on the conversion!

Local targeting allows you to adjust ad text based on local specifics. It is appropriate to use the name of the area, streets, words that unite the inhabitants of this place. If the area is elite, then the ads will be designed for a premium segment of the audience.

Futureinapps specialists will set up local targeting for your advertising campaign, compose an effective UTP and promote your business online!

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