Keyword Death and Artificial Intelligence: The Contextual Advertising Revolution in 2019


For PPC marketers, 2018 was crazy. There is a rebranding of AdWords, a breakthrough in voice search, and a whole range of new tools and features for targeting Google and Bing Ads.

The past year has prepared a good ground for large-scale and important changes in the field of contextual advertising.

1.“Death” keywords

As Aaron Levy of Elite SEM, 2019 said, the year is the “death” of keywords. Not the first target is audience targeting. Keywords are still important in contextual advertising, but even more important is who should show this ad. A detailed audience parsing strategy, personalization is the key to success in search marketing.

2. Automation

In 2018, Google made a big step towards automation. Further - more, experts say. But this does not mean that the machines will replace people, and the business will no longer need marketers. Nova Hopkins, strategist for innovation in WordStream, believes: automation will only free up the time that was previously spent on routine work. Marketers will have more opportunities to perform important tasks, where no robot can replace a living person.

3. Looking for new promotion channels

It's time to expand the boundaries. Last year, Western advertisers have already begun to practice the diversification of advertising budgets - that is, to invest not in one proven channel, but to invest in new sites. Amazon made a powerful breakthrough in 201

8 year, and experts are sure - he will continue to develop.

Wesley McLaggan, vice president of marketing for Marin Software, recommends relying on new channels, first of all, those involved in retailing consumer goods. New features will open for them on services such as Bing, Facebook, Pinterest.

4. Video

Experts in one voice say that in 2019 marketing is impossible without video advertising. Every year the audience that sits on the Internet from mobile devices is growing more and more rapidly. And video is the main type of mobile content, says Brainlabs head David Gilbert. Therefore, giants in this segment are gaining more and more space in the SERP search engines.

5. Brand building

In recent years, in pursuit of clicks and fast sales, marketers have forgotten about the long-term strategy - the formation of brand loyalty. Sales will fall and grow, fast sales tactics will become obsolete and new ones will appear, and the brand image will be a long-term result that can withstand the test of time. It is on this that emphasis should be placed in 2019.

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